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"No Excuses": Cowboys Players React To Loss Against Seattle

Punter Chris Jones: "<em>Once that happens, it happens. It&rsquo;s done, and you&rsquo;ve got to move on.</em>"
Punter Chris Jones: "Once that happens, it happens. It’s done, and you’ve got to move on."

Not much went right yesterday for the Cowboys. Jason Witten for example was targeted 10 times, but dropped three passes and only had four receptions. "You can't do that," says the veteran tight end:

"We just didn’t execute plays, myself included," he said. "We had an opportunity to make catches, make runs, make good plays, and we didn’t do it. So if that’s out-physicaling us, maybe they did. I don’t know. I have to get to the tape."

"Ultimately, they played a better game than we did. We didn’t play one up. That wasn’t our football team. And we’ve got to get it fixed. No excuses."

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The Seahawks rushed for 182 yards, including 122 on 26 carries by Marshawn Lynch. DeMarcus Ware says the Cowboys have work to do:

"It comes down to tackling," Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware said. "[Lynch] is a big back, but we have to tackle better. We will have tackle drills this week to refresh our memory how to do it."

While Ware points to poor tackling as a reason for the Seahawks' success on the ground, Anthony Spencer gave credit to the tenacity of the Seahawks’ offensive line:

"They just went to the whistle," Spencer said. "That was the biggest thing. They kept pushing. If a guy was going down, they kept running their feet and got more yards."

Similar to what Spencer said, Brandon Carr said the Cowboys were game for a second-half rally, but couldn’t match the effort of the Seahawks:

"We were fighting, but at the same time, those guys had the momentum, and they out-executed us," he said.

"Once we were down, we’ve been in that situation before. Guys were ready to go out there and just keep fighting," Carr said. "But you know, second half, they turned it up a notch, and we couldn’t match that."

Carr said he still believes in his new teammates. "We know the capabilities of what we have in our locker room," he said. "I’ve been around these guys for a while now. I know the pride and fight that they’ve got."

Kevin Ogletree, who was targeted just once in the game, also saw a "better effort" from the Seahawks:

"That group out there deserves some credit," he said. "They had a better effort on defense. They’ve got good players on that side of the ball."

Sean Lee points out that the Cowboys defense took a step back after allowing TD drives of 90- and 88-yards in the second half:

"If we continue to let that happen, we won’t be a very good defense," Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee said. "…I think we were taking steps forward. This is obviously a step back. But finding a way to learn from it and move on is the only way we’re going to be the consistent defense that we’re looking for."

Tony Romo was also predictably frustrated after completing only 23 of 40 passes yesterday afternoon:

"We didn’t run, catch, throw. We didn’t block," Romo said of the 27-7 loss. "We didn’t do the things you need to do – the small things you need to do – to give yourselves a chance in an environment like this."

"You’re always disappointed then you lose, so it’s frustrating," Romo said. "I mean, it sucks standing up here just talking about it. It’s part of playing in the National Football League. That was a good bunch that we played against today. That defensive unit they had definitely gave us trouble at different times, and we didn’t do the things that we normally would do well to offset that a little bit."

Dez Bryant also had a disappointing outing, finishing with only three catches for 17 yards, all in the third quarter, but like many of his teammates is focused on moving on:

"There were plays I should have made and I didn’t," Bryant said. "You just got to move on from it."

"No, not a setback at all," Bryant said. "It was tough times in this game and we’ve just got to put it behind us and move forward."

The Cowboys safeties had a rough night, as both Church and Sensabaugh went down with injuries. Church suffered a deep thigh bruise and Sensabaugh hurt his calf. Church reflected on having to sit out large parts of the game:

"It was one of the toughest feelings. Just sitting there and watching the [Seahawks] drive it down the field and you can’t really do nothing about it because you’re injured. I kind of felt like I wasn’t there for my teammates. But I am trying to get as healthy as I can and I will try to be back next week."

McCray replaced Church but his energy waned as the game progressed as he handled special teams and defensive duties.

"It got a little rough after a while," said McCray, who had six tackles. "And after Gerald we didn’t have any more replacements. But that’s what we’re here for. We’re here to step in and try to help the defense not lose a step when people get hurt."

Chris Jones reflects on the block punt and says "You've got to move on."

"I didn’t even see the pressure," Jones said. "I knew they were going to come. We had been scheming for rushes all week. Honestly, I have no idea what happened."

"I know I’ve got to come back and perform the next one," Jones said. "Once that happens, it happens. It’s done, and you’ve got to move on."

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