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Injury Update: Cowboys Defense Comes Up Limping

Miles Austin was treated for dehydration during the 3rd quarter yesterday.
Miles Austin was treated for dehydration during the 3rd quarter yesterday.

The Cowboys' loss to the Seahawks didn't just exact a toll on the Cowboys' W/L column, it also saw a couple of players exit the game with various injuries:

Gerald Sensabaugh, Barry Church, Marcus Spears, Kenyon Coleman, Alex Albright, Miles Austin, Jason Witten and Sean Lee all missed snaps or were taken to the locker room with an assortment of ailments and injuries. Here's a brief update on each, more later in the day when the Cowboys officially address their injury toll.

Safety Gerald Sensabaugh: Sensabaugh was taken out of the game with a calf strain, and was later seen leaving the locker room with a protective boot on his right leg. But he says he's fine:

"It just kind of popped a little bit," said Sensabaugh, who suffered the injury on a Marshawn Lynch run, "but I’m all right."

Safety Barry Church: Church suffered a quad contusion in the second quarter on the kickoff following the Cowboys’ only score. Church briefly went back into the game but didn't take to the field for the second half. No official word yet on his status, but Church did indicate he'd like to be back soon:

"But I am trying to get as healthy as I can and I will try to be back next week."

Defensive Ends Marcus Spears and Kenyon Coleman: Both defensive linemen suffered knee injuries during the game. Coleman was still limping in the locker room after the game, while Spears said he should be fine:

"I think I’m fine," Spears said. "I just took a bad hit to it."

Inside linebacker Alex Albright: Albright played on only one defensive snap, but saw action on 20 special teams snaps. One of them resulted in a stinger injury that forced Albright to leave the game. He was later seen in street clothes on the sidelines. No news yet on his status.

Wide receiver Miles Austin: Austin missed a couple of snaps in the middle of the third quarter. He was taken into the locker room and put on an IV-drip for dehydration. He was back later in the game.

ILB Sean Lee: The Cowboys dodged a large-caliber bullet when Sean Lee took a vicious blindside hit, but suffered no lingering ill effects. Lee had the wind knocked out of him and trainers performed a concussion test on the sidelines, but Lee re-entered the game after missing six snaps:

"It’s part of the game of football," he said. "It happens. I feel good. I was able to come back into the game. The trainers did a great job assessing me. Other than losing my wind, not a big deal."

Lee said he was fine and not trying to argue his way back into the game.

"No. They went through the process that they have to do," he said. "They did it. I cleared everything from a concussion standpoint and was fine. I was able to go back in. Head didn’t hurt at all, even after the hit. It was more just losing my breath, catching my breath. That’s why I was kneeling down."

TE Jason Witten: Witten caused a minor scare when he was seen leaving for the locker room before the end of the first half, but that proved shortlived when he was back to start the second half and looked fine physically.

Cornerback Mike Jenkins: Jenkins saw his first NFL snaps of the year as he was back on the field and played eight snaps on defense as the fourth corner on sub-packages. He also played on ten special teams snaps, some of them as the gunner.

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