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Cowboys Individual Power Rankings Post-Week Two: The Top 25

Seattle Hair Cuttery: FAIL.
Seattle Hair Cuttery: FAIL.

I think I'd feel a little better if I titled this Pre-Week Three, instead of Post-Week Two. At this point, I think a lot of us are feeling the same thing; Sunday just wasn't our day. How else can you explain the overall sucktitude, plus the injuries that we took on?

Obviously a bad day for the team means a bad day for a lot of players individually. There were some that performed worse than others, but as I explained in last weeks Player Power Rankings, current performance, history and potential all play a role in determining the rankings. The top spots are going to have more subtle movements, while those outside of the Top 5 can swing more based on momentum.

Here's a look at this week's Top Ten; it has two new members and includes a player that hasn't even suited up this year.

Follow the jump for the Top 25. Well, Top 26 because I have a comment that I wanted to share.

Ranking Player Position (LR)
1 DeMarcus Ware OLB 1
2 Tony Romo QB 1a
3 Sean Lee ILB 3
4 DeMarco Murray RB 4
5 Brandon Carr CB 7
6 Miles Austin WR 9
7 Jason Witten TE 5
8 Dez Bryant WR 6
9 Nate Livings LG 15
10 Jay Ratliff NT 11

Ranking Player Position (LW) Notes
1 DeMarcus Ware OLB 1 A week after watching the Cards assault the Seahawks pocket, the best rusher in the game gets only 2 pressures? That's on Rob Ryan.
2 Tony Romo QB 1a Didn't play a horrible game, but his interception after Dallas' ST gave up 10 quick points cemented the "one of those games" feeling.
3 Sean Lee ILB 3 Crop circles are Chuck Norris' way of telling the world that sometimes corn needs to lie the shuck down. Doug Martin is corn.
4 DeMarco Murray RB 4 Don't blame Murray for his pedestrian performance; almost half of his paltry 44 yards came after contact.
5 Brandon Carr CB 7 Targeted twice, gave up 0 catches. Exactly.
6 Miles Austin WR 9 Of the handful of players that don't deserve criticism, Austin is the capital. See what I did there, Tejas?
7 Jason Witten TE 5 Little known fact, Romo began phasing Witten out the last half of 2011… I'm officially concerned about a slow-down with this spleen injury.
8 Dez Bryant WR 6 One of his worse games ever but guess what? He was Seattle's primary focus on defense.
9 Nate Livings LG 15 Don't look now, but Nate Livings has been the best offensive lineman. By far. 1 pressure; best lineman to run behind. Hi, haters.
10 Jay Ratliff NT 11 After watching every linemen pushed back on almost every run, no doubt we need Rat back.
11 Jason Hatcher DE 10 Another good performance by Hatch; the only D-lineman that was worth his weight on Sunday.
12 Anthony Spencer OLB 12 Pass rush was awesome, save for the facemask. Pass coverage was "Dear Lord who brought back Bradie James!"
13 Bruce Carter ILB 13 He's coming, folks. Whether you hated on him or not… he's coming. (Yes, same comment from last week for a reason)
14 Tyron Smith LT 8 No bones about it, Smith is struggling in learning the left. Pass pro and run blocking.. It's a hard knock life.
15 Sean Lissemore DE 14 Was solid but not spectacular after signing deal. Played more than 50% of snaps for just 2nd time in career.
16 Morris Claiborne CB 16 Not the toughest competition, but his coverage skills seem to be there. Run support? He's working on it (we hope)
17 Gerald Sensabaugh SS 19 Another week, another injury… and make no mistake about it, Sensi is a big loss now for this defense.
18 Dan Bailey PK 17 Not his fault.
19 Kevin Ogletree WR 18 Well, there's that consistency question; although he gets a small pass as entire offense was offensive.
20 Ryan Cook C 27 Two weeks in the system and the second best pass protecting lineman? Half empty or half full?
21 Mike Jenkins CB 20 All this time we contemplated Scandrick to safety, but if these injuries to Sensi & Church linger, Jenks might get the call
22 John Phillips TE 26 Steady Eddie, but seems to be a lifetime Number 2 guy. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
23 Doug Free RT 21 Pass protection was bad again… despite successful runs to his side, pass pro is what he'll be judged on.
24 Victor Butler OLB 24 Still not getting a lot of snaps; still performing when he's in there.
25 Kyle Orton QB 22 Here's to never having any evidence to back up his ranking.
26 Lawrence Vickers FB 23 The Seahawks struggle against sets with FB's.. So he gets 16 snaps.

Largest Gains:

C Ryan Cook(27 to 20), P Chris Jones (34 to 27), LG Nate Livings (15 to 9)

Biggest Falls:

RB Felix Jones (28 to 38), MLB Dan Connor (43 to 53), LT Tyron Smith (8 to 14)


So, what do you think? Who do I have too high? Who am I failing to give proper credit? Want to know where somebody sits outside of the Top 25 26? Ask and I might tell ya!

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