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Cowboys Homecoming: Keys To Bouncing Back Against The Buccaneers

Looking Forward.
Looking Forward.

Like it or not, the Cowboys will be playing the Tampa Bay Bucs on Sunday with an opportunity to become a 2-1 ball club. I say like it or not, as I've seen so much backlash towards the team I sometimes have to remind myself of my own words; everyone deals with a loss differently. Sometimes though, it seems there's a percentage of fans that would rather see the team do badly so that they can rant and rave about it; for them team success would be a bad thing.

Regardless, the chance for redemption comes Sunday at 1pm, and as such, we should take a look at a few things of interest. While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers pose an interesting threat, as Archie Barberio covered earlier in the week by looking at their young talent, most of us are concerning ourselves with what the Cowboys have to do in order to correct their mistakes.

First, I decided to head back in front of the camera to tackle Five Keys to Dallas bouncing back on Sunday. Take a look.

I also sat down (virtually) with JCDeLaTorre of BucsNation for a Q&A session for SBNation earlier in the week. Follow the jump for a sneak peak to that, as well as me answering his five questions in return.

My favorite question/response had to do with what's different from what we saw of the Bucs last season in Tampa.

From the outside, this looks to be a completely different Bucs team than what we saw on that late season Saturday night in 2011. Can you talk to the culture change of the organization with Schiano in charge?

JC: Its been a huge change. The Bucs have talent on their football team, it's just raw and it needs to be molded. Schiano has given the guys structure that was missing under the previous regime. He drills in discipline, details and technique. Most games, the Bucs will not beat themselves - you'll have to outplay them.

One other thing that's vastly different about this team that it was when the Cowboys faced them in 2011 - there's no quit in this ballclub. When the Cowboys destroyed the Bucs in front of a National television audience last season, the Bucs players had already begun mailing it in. Even Deion called them out at halftime.

This Bucs team won't give up until the final ticks are off the clock - just ask Tom Coughlin and Eli.

Make sure you click the link to check out all five of the questions that JC was nice enough to answer for me. It hasn't published yet, so I can't currently provide you with a link (sad face).

While the Cowboys certainly get enough national coverage to know most of the key players on the roster - is there a player Bucs fans may not have heard of that could be a factor in Sunday's game?

KD: If you haven't heard of Sean Lee, you should smack your mama. Please, no Dez jokes... okay, maybe one.

But as far as a name you probably don't know I'll give that mantle to his running mate Bruce Carter. Carter is a second-year inside backer from UNC. He was the lone star that remained when the scandal of 2010 hit and suspended Marvin Austin, Greg Little and Robert Quinn for the entire season. Then his year came to an end in November with a torn ACL. He dropped in the draft to the second round and Dallas scooped him up; basically redshirting him for the 2011 season. He took some snaps towards the end of the season, but for all intents and purposes he's a rookie.

But man, can Carter fly. He swarms to the ball, can shed a block or two and cover tight ends down the seam. He's the Robin to Sean Lee's Batman at the moment, and really gives the Cowboys a dynamic linebacking corps. If the defensive line does their job occupying the trenches, Lee and Carter have a shot at leading the NFL in tackling as early as this season.

So there you go; a little preparation for this weekend's tilt against Tampa. What are you focusing on?

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