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Cowboys News: Romo Not Worried About Bryant, Bucs Worried About Pass Defense

Can Dez Bryant score another TD against the Buccaneers this year?
Can Dez Bryant score another TD against the Buccaneers this year?

Tony Romo not worried about Dez Bryant, says his time will come - Star-Telegram
Earlier this week, Jason Garrett conceded that Bryant struggled at times against the Seahawks' press coverage. But Tony Romo is not worried about Bryant, and thinks he'll be fine if he continues to work hard in practice.

"I just think Dez needs to come to work hard everyday like he’s doing and continue to get better as a wide receiver," Romo said. "I think he's doing that."

Creating Turnovers A Focus For Claiborne -
The Cowboys defense hasn't recorded an interception in two games. Morris Claiborne says turnovers are a focus for the defense and that he believes he can make some plays on the ball:

"I haven’t given up any touchdowns, but I feel like I need to get some hands on some balls," Claiborne said. "That’s a big part of the game if you can knock it down, but if you can go take it out of the air, that just changes the game … Here and now I feel like I’ve had the opportunity to actually get a clean ball out of the air. Last week I had a great opportunity to do it, but I just knocked it down."

Brandon Carr looking to create turnovers - DMN
The Cowboys had five interceptions in the preseason, but haven't translated that into the regular season so far, something Brandon Carr feels should change:

"We need to find a sense of urgency that once the ball is up somebody has to go and get it," cornerback Brandon Carr said. "I think there are some plays we left on the field…As a defense you want to create turnovers, force the issue and get the ball back."

And Jason Garrett agrees that the Cowboys defense needs to create some game-changing plays:

"You need to make some plays," coach Jason Garrett said. "Oftentimes, that comes from pressuring the quarterback and forcing him to throw it earlier than he wants to. And then on the back end, you just simply have to go get the football and make some plays. We keep emphasizing it and the players understand the importance of it and hopefully they'll start to come for our defense."

Jason Hatcher on Josh Freeman: 'He's not a little midget like the last guy' - DMN
Jason Hatcher likes that he'll be able to see 6-6 Josh Freeman, as opposed to 5-11 Russell Wilson last week.

"He’ll sit in the pocket and deliver the ball," Hatcher said. "It’ll definitely be harder to bring him down but it’ll be easier to see him, easier to rush him because you can see him and you can see where he’s at and you’ll be able to locate him, kind of get a lot more pressure on him versus the guy last week that you would rush him but you couldn’t see him."


Tight ends coach John Garrett not worried about Jason Witten - Star-Telegram
Witten has only six catches on 15 targets for 68 yards this year, including an uncharacteristically high four drops. But tight ends coach John Garrett said there is nothing to worry about.

"He did drop passes [against Seattle], but he really played very well in the game," John Garrett said. "People don’t realize the two great, contested catches he made when he took big hits. It was a complete anomaly."

"He goes through seasons without dropping three balls. So it’s a complete anomaly. There’s nothing to worry about. And knowing him, the resolve that he has – he is as competitive a guy as there is in the league – this will just motivate him more, and I really think he’s going to be tough to deal with defensively for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday."

Jason Witten ready to show he's not slowing down - ESPN Dallas
Jason Witten doesn't want anything to do with this "slowing down" nonsense:

"It does bother you because you run good routes, you’re open and you just didn’t make the catch," Witten said. "It has nothing to do with that other stuff. Ultimately, I have a job to do and I didn’t get it done. The criticism is going to come and I understand it but it’s tough because all of those other things come with it when they’re not necessarily true. But when they throw it, you’ve got to make the play."

"For me Sunday can’t get hear fast enough," Witten said. "You prepare yourself for those moments and for whatever reason you drop it but you have to be ready for the next one. You learn from it, put behind you and move on to the next one."

John Garrett on Jason Witten: ‘He is playing faster than he ever has’ - DMN
TE Coach John Garrett also thinks all this talk of Witten slowing down is a bunch of baloney:

"In fact, I’ve noticed, others have noticed, he is playing faster than he ever has," Garrett said. "If you look at the tape this year and compare him to last year, you’re like, "My gosh, he’s so much faster.’ It’s a testament to how hard he worked in the off-season and how he continues to just stay in great shape as he plays year after year in the NFL."


Buccaneers must fix pass defense before facing Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo - Tampa Bay Times
After watching their defense get riddled for 813 yards and four touchdowns through the air in the first two weeks of the season, the Bucs are re-evaluating how many times they want to strand cornerbacks in man-to-man coverage like castaways on a dangerous island.

Dallas LB Ware poses pass-rush threat - Tampa Bay Online
Seems like news of DeMarcus Ware's abilities has reached Tampa Bay.

  • TE Dallas Clark: "He's special. You always have to know where he is and he's a game-changer. He's very strong, he has four legs and his arms are the size of an average man's legs. He's very powerful and it's matched with an athleticism that allows him to play fast. If you were to draw up what you want at that position, he's got it all.''
  • DT Gerald McCoy: "He's the most consistent pass rusher in the NFL. He knows what he's doing and he knows how to do it, when he's supposed to do it. You better strap up your boots against DeMarcus Ware because he's coming … from all angles.''
  • Bucs coach Greg Schiano: "He is one of the best players in this league as far as production and consistency. He plays hard all the time, he's relentless and he's got incredible pass-rush technique. He lines up at linebacker, at defensive end and he's covering in space.''

Tampa Bay’s Josh Freeman: You never know with Rob Ryan - DMN
Josh Freeman apparently only started watching film of last year's game against the Cowboys last night, but he remembered enough to know that going up against Ryan's "multiple defense" can be a challenge:

“You never know with coach Ryan, how he’s going to call it up,” Freeman said. “His defense has so many different looks, so many different fronts. They can bring pressure really out of everything with how they shift and stunt their fronts. We’re just going to kind of cover it all, have a plan for all of it and go out and see what they do. React.

Tony Romo And The Bucs’ Pass Defense -
This Buccaneers blog notes that in three games against the Buccaneers, Tony Romo recorded 11 touchdowns without a pick. And with Cam Newton and Eli Manning having previously ravaged the Bucs’ pass defense, Romo could have a big day on Sunday. And they wonder why Romo keeps referring to their defense as an obstacle, and not a sieve:

Romo has over and over again raked the Bucs’ pass defense over the coals, whether it was against Chucky or Rah, the result was always the same. Romo waved off any notion of a pattern.

“No specific reason, I think we just executed well,” Romo said.

Still, Romo kept referring to the Bucs defense as an obstacle, not a sieve.


Morris Claiborne gets more work as a kickoff returner - Dallas Cowboys Blog - ESPN Dallas
Claiborne has been getting more reps in practice as the kickoff returner and may be an alternative to Felix Jones on Sunday. For now though, Jones looks to remain the primary returner, despite a fumble and being ranked in the bottom third of the league. And Claiborne says he's up to the task:

"I wouldn’t mind," Claiborne said. "I wouldn’t mind doing it at all. We’ve got a guy back there right now that to my understanding is doing a great job in Felix. If they need somebody else, I’m here."

Safety Danny McCray eyeing first career start - Star-Telegram
Gerald Sensabaugh is likely out for Sunday’s home opener against Tampa Bay, which means Danny McCray could get his first NFL start. The special teams ace has been getting all the first team reps in practice this week.

Defensive end Marcus Spears returns to practice - Star-Telegram
Marcus Spears returned to practice on Thursday. Spears suffered a knee injury in the Seattle game but had been optimistic all along of being able to play on Sunday. After practice yesterday, Spears reiterated that he felt good and was ready to go against the Buccaneers.

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