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Which Cowboys Game Will You Be Going To This Year?

Will you make a pilgrimage to Cowboys Stadium this year?
Will you make a pilgrimage to Cowboys Stadium this year?

Happy Labor Day, Cowboys fans! I hope the holiday finds you in good health, good spirits and full of optimism for the 2012 Cowboys.

You've chosen to spend part of the holiday here on BTB, so here's a question for all of you to ponder: Are you going to a Cowboys game this year, and if so, which one?

Will it be a pilgrimage to Cowboys Stadium, or will you visit one of the lesser venues that host the Cowboys this year? In addition to their NFC East rivals, the Cowboys will visit Seattle, Baltimore, Charlotte, Atlanta and Cincinnati during the regular season, and according to Jamison Hensley of, there might even be a trip to New Orleans a little later.

In any case, one of the many benefits of being a Cowboys fan is that there are a lot of us. In fact, there are more of us Cowboys fans than there are fans of any other NFL team. And with the way BTB has grown, there's a good chance that there'll be some BTB members at every game, at home or on the road. So if you're interested in meeting your fellow BTB members, use the comments section to discuss which game(s) you're going to, and perhaps make arrangements for meeting up.

And if you're not going to a game this year, join the conversation anyway and tell us what special ritual you'll use to support the Cowboys on gameday from your La-Z-Boy recliner.

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