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SB Nation Fantasy Football Game - Pick 6 Each Week

Pick6-football_mediumHey BTB community,

I wanted to let you know that SB Nation has come up with a fun and easy fantasy game for each week of the season. Let's have the Cowboys fans and BTB dominate it. Basically, you get a fantasy budget of $120 dollars each week, and you buy six players for the games and compete against everybody else.

SB Nation did this with baseball this season and they really enjoyed it. We had a ton of participation. So let's try it out for football, and let's get BTB to dominate it.

Below I've posted the whole pitch, but you can go here to sign up. For this week, you got to get in now so you can beat the deadline for our game. Our game? Yes, the season is almost here!

More below...

From SB Nation:

With the NFL season starting today, fantasy football is on everyone’s mind. You’ve already had your drafts and are ready to compete against a small group of your friends.

What’s missing from a traditional fantasy league? You’re given no opportunity to escape from a bad draft, an unfortunate injury, or terrible luck. The ability to play matchups each week instead of hoping for the best is severely limited. You also have a ton of friends out there that you can’t play with!

The solution? SB Nation Pick 6 Football. We’ve designed a fantasy game that allows you to play the matchups and compete against a large group of people across your real life, your favorite blog and the SB Nation network.

There is no draft – instead, you are given a salary cap of $120 and have to fill out a lineup of six players each week: Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Kicker, and a Wild Card slot that is comprised of all positions other than QB.

It’s a simple, fun game that you only need to play once a week. You will compete on a blog leaderboard against fellow fans! There are awesome badges to win for various accomplishments in the game, and connecting Pick 6 to Facebook will make it easy to showcase your lineup and awards to your friends.

Check it out now at Pick 6 Football, follow us on Twitter, and give us a Like on Facebook.

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