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Jason Witten Wants To Play, Really Wants To Play - Still Game Time Decision

He's a warrior...
He's a warrior...

Jason Witten is a warrior. We already knew that, considering his jaunt through the Eagles defense without his helmet a few years back. But just to reinforce the point, the star tight end wants to play so badly tonight the he is willing to sign a medical waiver to get into the game. From ESPN:

According to team sources, Witten has persistently told the Cowboys he is willing to sign a medical waiver that would absolve the team and its doctors of liability in case he re-injured his spleen during the NFC East matchup.

However, the team will not accept any waiver as a path to Witten playing in the game, the sources said. The Pro Bowl tight end did make the trip to New York and, despite being officially listed as doubtful, team officials say he is a game-time decision in case a doctor provides medical clearance Wednesday.

You've got to really love that dude's dedication and fire. I'd love to see him on the field tonight, but caution probably dictates he sits out another week so that he's fully healed and we don't lose him for the season. The Cowboys are still waiting on medical clearance, which could conceivably come by tonight, but I believe we'll see John Phillips as the starter.

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