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Report: Cowboys Hire Monte Kiffin As New Defensive Coordinator

With Rob Ryan out, it looks like Monte Kiffin is in.


The Dallas Cowboys haven't made an official announcements as of yet, but sources are reporting that the Cowboys and Monte Kiffin have reached an agreement. Kiffin will become the next defensive coordinator for Dallas, replacing Rob Ryan. After Kiffin spent all of Thursday at Valley Ranch, it was pretty much expected that this was going to happen.

So we can really start talking about the Dallas defense as a 4-3 defense primarily running the Tampa 2. That means a philosophy of allowing the underneath stuff and using team speed to make the tackles. It means quick defensive linemen that shoot the gaps and get upfield. It means Sean Lee will use his athleticism in coverage in the deep middle, and DeMarcus Ware will play with his hand on the ground. It also means that Anthony Spencer is a definite question mark for return. The Cowboys will likely choose not to match the price Spencer will receive from some 3-4 teams, thereby letting him go in free agency.

It will be interesting to watch as the Cowboys defense will take on a whole new look. We'll let you know when the Kiffin hire is official.

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