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2007 Mel Kiper Re-Draft: Spencer Long Gone Once Cowboys On The Clock

Mel Kiper re-drafted the 2007 NFL draft this past week. In his redraft, Anthony Spencer is a Top 10 pick and long gone by the time the Cowboys make their selection with the 26th pick.

Ronald Martinez

Mel Kiper has made it a habit of re-drafting previous drafts, armed to the teeth with the benefit of hindsight. This time around, he looked at the 2007 NFL Draft (In$ider), and the re-draft features Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Darell Revis and Patrick Willis in sequence as the top four picks. A little further down, the Cowboys do not select Anthony Spencer with their 26th pick, far from it. In fact, Kiper has Spencer going to the Atlanta Falcons with the eight overall pick.

Here is what Kiper wrote about Spencer to the Falcons:

A vastly underrated player across from DeMarcus Ware, Spencer doesn't pile up sack totals. But not only can he rush the passer in his own right (32.5 career sacks), he's arguably the best 3-4 OLB run defender in the NFL. Not a huge name, but he could be in free agency this year. Previous draft spot: No. 26

Kiper has Spencer replacing the Falcons' original pick, DE Jamaal Anderson, who drops out of the first round entirely. Interestingly, this makes Spencer the highest rated pass rusher in Kiper's re-draft, ahead of Pittsburgh's LaMarr Woodley (10th pick) and Carolina's Charles Johnson (12th pick).

With Spencer long gone, Kiper has the Cowboys taking DE Brian Robinson. Here is what Kiper had to say about Robison:

Really? Well, the case for Robison is it's possible he's in the midst of some of his best football, with more to come. He has 16.5 sacks over the past two seasons and has been a big part of a strong front on the Vikings' defense. It's only his second full season as a starter, so he may have some miles left on the odometer.
Previous draft spot: No. 102

While I wouldn't mind Robison on my team now, I've got to wonder whether he'd have been the right right choice, given that he only started seven games in his first four years in the league. There are six more players in this redraft after the Cowboys' pick: RB Ahmad Bradshaw, TE Brent Celek, LB Paul Posluszny, S LaRon Landry, DT Brandon Mebane and TE Zach MIller.

Of the seven players available for the Cowboys in this re-draft, who would have been your choice?

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