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Hue Jackson: "I'd like to be contacted by the Cowboys."

There has been speculation that Hue Jackson may have talked to the Cowboys about a coaching job. Jackson denied that today but also said he'd be interested in such talks.

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Last night, Calvin Watkins of wrote that the Cowboys have had discussions with Bengals assistant coach Hue Jackson:

Also, multiple sources said the Cowboys have held discussions with former Oakland Raiders coach Hue Jackson about joining the staff in some capacity on offense. Originally the discussions revolved around Jackson becoming the offensive coordinator but they now have moved toward possibly adding Jackson to another position.

Jackson was working on a one-year contract with the Bengals as their Assistant Special Teams/Assistant Defensive Backs Coach, but that deal only expires next month so he's still under contract in Cincinnati. And that's where things get a little tricky. Our own Tom Ryle found the whole situation confusing and asked Ian Rapoport of for clarification:

By league rules, the Cowboys need to ask permission from the Bengals before talking to Jackson, and by all accounts out of Cincinnati, no such permission has been granted so far. Technically, the league could hit the Cowboys with tampering chargers if any such claims could be substantiated.

Earlier today, Jackson said he had not been contacted by the Cowboys:

For now, that means the Cowboys won't be drawing an illegal contact flag from NFL headquarters. At the same time, Jackson saying he'd "like to be" contacted by the Cowboys is about as clear a job application as we've seen hereabouts.

Jackson has a strong history as an offensive coach, with experience coaching almost all skill positions. And even with his short stint as the head coach in Oakland, his NFL coaching resume actually looks quite impressive:

Hue Jackson NFL Coaching Ledger:

2012: Assistant Special Teams/Assistant Defensive Backs Coach, Cincinnati Bengals
2011: Head Coach, Oakland Raiders
2010: Offensive Coordinator, Oakland Raiders
2008-2009: Quarterbacks Coach, Baltimore Ravens
2007: Offensive Coordinator, Atlanta Falcons
2004-2006: Wide Receivers Coach, Cincinnati Bengals
2003: Offensive Coordinator, Washington Redskins
2001-2002: Running Backs Coach, Washington Redskins

If the rampant speculation is anything to go by, the Cowboys want Jackson in some capacity. They may want to wait until they have more clarity on how current wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson wants to fit into the Cowboys organization next year before making an announcement. They also might want to wait until Jackson's contract officially expires before making a move. Or they may just be hedging their bets as they continue interviewing more candidates for the coaching positions on offense.

Would you like to see Hue Jackson as part of the Cowboys coaching staff?

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