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Cowboys Top 5 Positive Plays Of 2012 [Video]

8-8 wasn't all bad. There were plenty of plays during the season that had Cowboys fans jumping from their seats and screaming for joy. Here are the Top 5.

It's time to take another break from "which former Bucs assistant will join the staff next" and "I'd trade back from 18, then use two picks to trade back up into the top of the 2nd" type of talks. The 2012 season is still going on! Well, not for us Cowboys fans, but there is still a week and a half left on this football calendar and I'm not ready to give it up yet.

So much has happened since it turned to January that it's becoming a little hard to remember the parts of the past season that we enjoyed so much. Well, some of us enjoyed it; I swear I saw plenty of folks that didn't seem able to enjoy any part of any victory. But we won't dwell on those folks that need a fun injection, we'll just try to cheer them up!

On the heels of last week's video where I took a look at the Top 5 plays that represented the down side of 2012, I present for your perusal, the Top 5 Plays that represented the good of 2012. It's a little lengthy, I'm known to talk a bit about things that I like, but I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy the vid. As usual, many thanks to the production team at SBN United for putting things together around my commentary.

Also, if you're in a reminiscing mood, have another look at the "bottom 5" plays video.

I appreciate you taking the time to watch, and if you want to hit reload and rewatch it over and over again... I'll extra appreciate you.

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