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Mock Draft 2013 BTB Challenge: Post Senior Bowl Edition

Time for some mock draft fun. Submit your mock and have it voted on by your fellow BTB members. But wait - there are rules!

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For the third straight year, we're hosting a January Mock draft Challenge here on BTB. If you think this is gong to be an easy excercise, be warned. In our 2011 challenge, only one BTB member (Ekijoh) correctly picked the Cowboys' first-round pick, Tyron Smith. Same thing happened in the 2012 challenge: only one participant (I am Ironman!!!) correctly predicted Morris Claiborne as the Cowboys' first round pick (and he blew all his draft picks to trade up to the fourth spot).

The challenge this year is the same as in the previous years: create a mock draft based on the latest Drafttek Big Board and submit it for a peer review by your fellow Blogging The Boys community members. The BTB community will hand out recommendations for those mocks they like the most and I will feature the top vote-getters and their mocks in a front page post next week.

But wait. You can't just pick whatever players you like, that would not make this a challenging exercise. The idea here is that you'll have to make choices based on the best player available, so these are the rules for our Mock Draft Challenge:

  • We will use Drafttek's Big Board from January 29, 2012 as the basis for all mock drafts.
  • We will assume that all draft-eligible players will be available at exactly the spot the Drafttek Big Board has them ranked. You don't like where a player is ranked? Tough luck. The Cowboys didn't like the Seahawks picking Max Unger two spots ahead of them in 2009 either, but it happened. Tough luck.
  • Dallas currently owns the no. 18, 47, 80, 111, 144 and 175. No compensatory picks awarded yet, and the Cowboys won't get any anyway.
  • You pick at your exact spot or anywhere below that (e.g. 18th or anywhere from 19th on down)
  • You cannot trade down, because it would be too easy to trade to the exact spot your favorite prospect is sitting at.
  • You may however trade up using this handy draft pick value calculator and the draft value chart immediately below it. The value you give up in the trade up must be equal to or greater than the value you receive, e.g. your 18th (900 pts) and your 47th (430 pts) picks could get you the 10th pick (1,300 pts).

Post your mock in the comments section below. As you read through the mocks other BTB members have posted, look for mocks that you like and rec' them (Press the action link at the bottom of the comment box, then press the Rec button next to the star). And don't be stingy with your rec's. It's more fun for everybody involved if we have a high rec' count.

Remember, the best mocks will be featured on the front page in some form next week, so put some thought into your mock.


I'll get this party started with the following mock draft.

My trade: 80+111 for New Orleans' 75+173+204 (262 for 249 points)

This leaves me with picks 18, 47, 75, 144, 173, 175 and 204. Here's who I pick:

1. (35) Shariff Floyd, DT, Florida

2. (52) Larry Warford, OG, Kentucky

3. (75) Jonathan Cyprien, SS, Florida Int'l

5. (146) Michael Williams, TE, Alabama

6. (173) Dalton Freeman, OC, Clemson

6. (189) Sanders Commings, CB, Georgia

7. (223) Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt

You wouldn't trade away your fourth-rounder? Go ahead and show us your mock.

Please don't be stingy with your rec's for the mocks submitted below. If you like it, rec' it.

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