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Redskins @ Cowboys: Five Questions With Hogs Haven

Blogging The Boys sits down with the enemy of all enemies, the guys that write for that team from the Beltway... Hogs Haven.

Ronald Martinez

The majority of our readers that have been around for years know that I reside a few minutes down the road from Fed Ex Field. I've been in Redskins territory the majority of my life (born in the Southwest) and as such, I tend to get along with Redskins fans at a rate that probably disgusts most of the people reading this right now. Just know that you are well-represented whenever someone in or near the Nation's Capital tries to slander the team you root heartily for.

I've met the gentlemen that run our little-brother-that-dresses-up-like-our-little-sister blog on more than a few occasions, Hogs Haven. Managing Editors Kevin and Ken are decent human beings save for their football allegiance and despite the ill-will they've accrued from watching our team dominate theirs for the better part of... well.. their lifetimes.

Ken was kind enough to put all that anger aside and answer a few of my questions in anticipation of this Sunday's showdown in Arlington.

Blogging The Boys: If you were the Dallas Cowboys, in what ways would you attack the Redskins defense?

Hogs Haven: I think it is pretty clear that the Redskins are susceptible to a prolonged air attack. I would have Tony Romo throw it deep to Dez Bryant on EVERY SINGLE PLAY. It would be like a terrible game of Madden. Go route, Go route, Go route. To be honest, I am not sure I understand why teams haven't already done that to us. Our secondary is struggling right now. Defensively up front, we are actually pretty decent. I would expect to see Romo in the shotgun most of the night, throwing the ball down the field constantly.

BTB: Every team goes into the offseason with plans to adapt their identity, change what they put on film the previous year. Give me one thing that Washington has changed that is working, and one thing they tried to change that hasn't gone so well.

HH: It is hard to answer the first half, because we changed so drastically last season when Thrizzle (Robert Griffin is who he means) came into the league. That was our major identity change and it has been largely successful. For the most part, we are just kind of continuing the development of that offense and I would argue it is working. One thing we changed this offseason that is maybe not working so well is our change of special teams coaches. Danny Smith went to Pittsburgh and fans seemed to be happy for the change.

We have definitely not been covering kicks as well as we did when Smith was here, and the blocked punt that we gave up to Oakland is something that should not happen. It might be subtle to some folks, and perhaps our new special teams coaching staff needs more time, but the loss of Smith has not gone as well as people were thinking it would.

BTB: Where is Robert Griffin in his recovery /development?

HH: Thrizzle (that's RG3, again) is not 100% and the knee brace is clearly hampering his ability to be mobile, but neither of those are his biggest problem. He is turning the ball over this year in a way he did not in 2012. My initial fear was that he had reconstructive surgery on his decision-making skills. He's on the field so you want to avoid making excuses for him. He has to protect the ball better and he has to get rid of the ball quicker.

They are really focusing on his development as a pocket passer, and the early results are encouraging-except for the losses of course. My hope is that the first four weeks of the season served as a kind of preseason for him and allowed him to shake off some rust and that the bye week allowed him to regroup and study some of the poor decisions he made in the pocket.

BTB: The Cowboys have had a lot of trouble defending the tight end and RBs as they work on adapting to the 4-3 defense. How do the Redskins plan on deploying TE Jordan Reed on Sunday night? I know Cooley speaks highly of the rookie's hunger to learn and the team's infatuation with his receiving skills. Is he ready to take on a pivotal role in the Washington offense, and if so is it strictly inline or does he flex out wide as well?

HH: We had Jordan Reed on our show earlier this season and he struck me as a rather serious dude-his demeanor stood in stark contrast to other rookies I have met over the last handful of years. His talent is undeniable, and his opportunity in the NFL comes at precisely the moment when guys with his skill set are being featured in high octane offenses around the league. He has already factored in our passing offense through four games beyond what I expected. As defenses key on stopping Pierre Garcon, Fred Davis and, to a certain extent, Alfred Morris, my guess is that Jordan Reed will continue to be open. I am guessing his role will expand quickly as long as he can remain healthy.

BTB: Write me the two Monday morning headlines from the Washington Post and from Dallas Morning News for this game.

HH: Dallas Morning News: Jerry Jones "Open" to Trading Tony Romo

Washington Post: Redskins In Charge of NFC Least

BONUS: Are there any Redskins fans in the DC area that aren't currently contributing writers to HH?

HH: We roll deep!

Many thanks to Ken. For more of the latest news about the Washington Redskins, head on over to Hogs Haven.

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