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The Most Potent Weapon In The Redskins Arsenal

Pierre Garcon has become RGIII's most reliable target and his strengths play right into a Cowboys weakness; the pass into the middle of the field.

Pierre Garcon presents a "tough matchup" for a Dallas defense that is struggling in coverage.
Pierre Garcon presents a "tough matchup" for a Dallas defense that is struggling in coverage.
Tom Pennington

As I stated when we took our first look at the Washington Redskins personnel, Pierre Garcon has become the go to guy for Robert Griffin III. He is on pace to break the franchise record for single season receptions and shutting him down may turn in to a significant challenge for the Dallas Cowboys. Garcon is a receiver who likes to work the middle of the field, prowling the area between the linebackers and safeties. A tough match up under any circumstances due to his physical style of play, against Dallas the veteran pass catcher will also find himself in a position to exploit a group of players who are struggling to adapt to their coverage responsibilities in Monte Kiffin's scheme. Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan is well aware of the bond between Griffin and his most reliable target and he does an excellent job of scheming to get the ball in Garcon's hands. The second-year quarterback is also mindful of what his favorite target can do to enhance the Redskins offense.

Griffin III will just throw the ball in the general direction of Garcon with the understanding that he is going to make the play regardless where the ball is.

He is a receiver who is unafraid to go up and fight for posession of the football. To defend against Garcon, the Dallas defense is going to have to get physical with him. Unusual for a receiver, he is the type of guy who likes to dish it out on occasions. As Bryan Broaddus stated over at the mothership, "When you play Garcon, you have to be physical with him because if you don’t, he will try and beat you up." He likes to get physical off the line and uses his strength to create separation from the man attempting to cover him. Quite simply, Pierre Garcon is a bully on the football field, and the only way to stop a bully is to give it right back to him. As Broaddus wrote to conclude his look at what Garcon brings to the game, he is a "tough matchup" that the Cowboys will have to overcome on Sunday night.

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