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Redskins @ Cowboys: From Washington's Point Of View

As Cowboys fans, let's take a look at the upcoming game through the eyes of the Redskins.

Patrick McDermott

We've talked a lot this week about the Cowboys and what they need to accomplish this week. Plenty about maintaining an efficient and explosive offense, begging the defense to get it together just a bit, and knowing that we desperately want a victory to begin the process of owning the NFC East. But what about the Redskins, how are they looking at this game? Let's take a jaunt around the Internet and examine.

Hogs Haven offers five keys to Redskins victory. They're mostly sound ideas like attack the Cowboys pass coverage by the linebackers, try to neutralize DeMarcus Ware with a few "real" read-option plays, go after Mo Claiborne. Containing Dez Bryant, though, is going to be tough to accomplish.

Also at HH, some answers to Twitter questions from Redskins fans.

RG3 believes that he is ready to breakout. After a slow start to the season, the Redskins QB got some mojo going in their victory before the bye week. Now, he says he's ready to take off.

"I think this bye week, it was more important for me to just get away from everything and kind of let everything die down and let everybody get back to talking about football and not the knee brace, not anything else going on along those lines," Griffin said Wednesday. "That was the biggest thing for me at that time. That's the reason I didn't sit down and talk with you guys or do anything else. I just wanted to get away, go spend some time with my wife and just relax, and it worked."

Here's another five keys article with a mention about the Redskins special teams. Apparently they've been an issue for them all season, that might play a big role on Sunday night.

Alfred Morris hasn't had the same kind of year that he had in 2012, this article talks about why. He's also nursing some sore ribs.

He is averaging just 14 carries a game. His 56 carries this season rank 24th in the league . His 296 yards gained are tied for 16th. The lack of an impact in the rushing game has played a part in a Washington offense that ranked fifth in the NFL last season (and first in the run) plunging to 25th this year.

Given Morris' struggles, the Redskins want to get Roy Helu involved more, and it could be in the passing game. The Cowboys linebackers need to tighten up in coverage.

A generic Redskins mailbag at ESPN, good overall view.

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