KD's 10-for-10 - 2013 Week #6 Update

Normalcy returns to 10-for-10 this week. We didn't have any traitors/fans dialogue as all 199 picked the Cowboys this week. Cowboys won! This was a normal week.

Over the past two years, we have had huge week #1 numbers of participants. Then, each week, there are fewer and fewer. By the end of the season, only half (or fewer) remain.

This week, that tide was reversed. We did have seven miss week #6 who had played in week #5. But, eight returned this week who had missed week #5. And, we had nine new players this week. So, we actually had ten more this week than last week - not normal, but a good thing.

Here is the participation table:

Week Played This Week Missed This Week Total
1 242 0 242
2 207 49 256
3 199 60 259
4 198 67 265
5 189 80 269
6 199 79 278

As a consensus, we got more right this week than wrong. Our ten wins were strong; two were unanimous (199-0). However, four of our five losses were bad. Because of them, there are no new new Hall of Fame members (read more about that below).

Here are our results this week:

Week #6 Results (Home in CAPS)
Win Winners (we're great) Lose
199 DALLAS Washington 0
199 DENVER Jacksonville 0
184 SEATTLE Tennessee 1
180 KANSAS CITY Oakland 7
179 SAN FRANCISCO Arizona 2
138 Cincinnati BUFFALO 5
119 CHICAGO New York Giants 4
91 Green Bay BALTIMORE 9
65 Philadelphia TAMPA BAY 16
44 Detroit CLEVELAND 17
Win Losers (we're bleep) Lose
5 St. Louis HOUSTON 160
8 SAN DIEGO Indianapolis 96
14 NEW ENGLAND New Orleans 92
18 Pittsburgh NEW YORK JETS 82
Win Pretty Even (we're indecisive) Lose
22 Carolina MINNESOTA 30

There are had four teams - Denver, Jacksonville, New Orleans, and St. Louis - that we had picked correctly week as a group. Two remain (Denver - picked to win each week; Jacksonville - picked to lose each week). We missed our first Saints and Rams games, as we picked the Saints to beat the Patriots in Foxboro and we picked the Rams to lose in Houston.

Here's a look at how we have picked each team, each week (first letter - our pick; second letter - actual result):

Picks/Results for Each Team/Each Week
Team Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 Wk 7 Wk 8 Wk 9 Wk 10 Wk 11 Wk 12 Wk 13 Wk 14 Wk 15 Wk 16 Wk 17 W L
Denver WW WW WW WW WW WW 6 0
Jacksonville LL LL LL LL LL LL 6 0
Kansas City WW LW WW WW WW WW 5 1
New Orleans WW WW WW WW WW WL 5 1
New York Giants LL LL WL LL LL LL 5 1
Oakland LL WW LL LL LW LL 5 1
Seattle WW LW WW WW LL WW 5 1
St Louis WW LL LL LL WW LW 5 1
Tennessee LW LL WW WW LL LL 5 1
Green Bay LL WW WL Bye WW WW 4 1
Tampa Bay WL LL LL LL Bye LL 4 1
Washington WL LL LL WW Bye LL 4 1
Arizona LL LW LL WW LW LL 4 2
Buffalo LL WW WL LW LL LL 4 2
Chicago LW WW WW WL LL WW 4 2
Dallas WW WL WW WL LL WW 4 2
Detroit WW WL WW LW LL WW 4 2
Houston WW WW WL LL LL WL 4 2
Philadelphia LW WL LL LL WW WW 4 2
San Francisco WW WL WL WW WW WW 4 2
Baltimore LL WW LW WL LW LL 3 3
Cleveland WL LL LW LW WW LL 3 3
Indianapolis WW WL LW WW WW WL 3 3
New England WW WW WW LW WL LW 3 3
Atlanta LL WW WL WL WL Bye 2 3
Carolina LL LL LW Bye WL LW 2 3
Minnesota LL LL WL LW Bye WL 2 3
Pittsburgh WL LL LL WL Bye LW 2 3
Cincinnati WL WW LW WL LW WW 2 4
New York Jets LW LL LW LL LW WL 2 4
San Diego LL LW LL LW WL LW 2 4
Miami LW LW LW LL WL Bye 1 4
Total 118 66

For the second week in a row, we maintain a lead the Front Page Writers. Each week, One.Cool.Customer hosts a pick-em page where all the FPWs offer picks in every game for the week. I track their consensus picks for each game and compare it to our consensus for each game. Last week, we took the lead on them. This week, our preferences were the same as their consensus picks in all fifteen games. So, we maintain our two game lead.

Here is that updated table:

2013 10-for-10 Consensus vs. Front Page Writers
Week 10-for-10 Wins 10-for-10 Losses Front Page Wins Front Page Losses
1 11 5 11 5
2 11 5 12 4
3 9 7 10 6
4 9 6 7 8
5 9 5 7 7
6 10 5 10 5
Total 59 33 57 35

Well, another week has come and gone, and the Hall of Fame has no new entries (I said this last week as well). Some came close. Two got as far as 9-for-9, but the Colts let them down on Monday night. We actually had twenty-five finish 9-for-10 this week. Eighteen had the Texans as their only miss; two each missed with Colts and Jets; and, one only missed the Vikings.Seventy-two more missed two, including our overall leader.

If you finished 9-for-10 (listed below), then you gained ground on the overall lead. If you finished 8-for-10 (also listed below), then you maintained your deficit. Everyone else - including me - lost ground. I lost two more games to him as I went "all homer", missed four of my first five, and then closed 5-for-5 on the late/night games.I have dropped five games in the past two weeks, and am now WAY back (almost in another ZIP code).

Congratulations to lsttexas for holding onto the lead for a third consecutive week, and for maintaining a two game lead over the field. However, others are gaining on him. Five are now tied for third, three off the lead. And, nine more are now only four back.

Here are the top scores this week, and the top scores on the overall leaderboard. KD will have all 278 scores when he posts the complete leaderboard on his next contest page.

Top Scores This Week
Week #6 Score Week #6 Score Overall Score Overall Score
Allan Uy 9 geof 8 lsttexas 47 mdlusk 41
AnderJ86 9 gershwin 8 Aggie Man 45 Mikhaili 41
bcomets 9 ginge159 8 beastygaming 44 nicomachus 41
Beast3n 9 Hookem Up 8 CowboyBaby 44 Oh Hai Doggy 41
boys.camncrew 9 Hotrod 8 JDobermans 44 Pasipple 41
CowboyBaby 9 InkedKing 8 Realist Larry 44 Portland's Cowboy fan 41
D_Carter 9 IRONRAVEN 8 Seatown7 44 Specific 41
Hobbes42 9 jayrosser27 8 Baloo. 43 Tennessee_Jed 41
iidacii 9 JDobermans 8 BigHat in NewTexas 43 traceabides 41
jakezze01 9 k@s! 8 boys.camncrew 43 wittenfan 41
j-man 9 Kegbearer 8 I am Ironman!!! 43 Wreck'emCowboys 41
Joe Ferraiola 9 Lajitas Lava 8 jakezze01 43 ziggy 19 41
Mikellie 9 LoboTX 8 jstaubach 43 9_to_88 all day 40
mikemc68 9 Longdistance fan 8 neon greon 43 Babygirl71 40
MPoole87 9 lsttexas 8 rhodri2112 43 BoydNation 40
MSM33 9 lucke 8 Sean N 43 Cowboy Joe 40
Oh Hai Doggy 9 Max2 8 spur_for_life 43 CowboysBarry 40
Portland's Cowboy fan 9 mehrans9 8 swanhooch 43 D_Carter 40
Realist Larry 9 meisternance 8 Tallgrass Prairie 43 Enja 40
Rummob 9 mik888 8 Useful_Idiot_ 43 ginge159 40
Sean N 9 milehightexan 8 Allan Uy 42 hookerhome 40
Shakeepuddn 9 mushpuppy 8 BigBad Joe 42 Howleyesque 40
Tallgrass Prairie 9 NCHeelsBoysFan 8 bookiebuster 42 illcowboy 40
thepainster 9 neon greon 8 CarloRue 42 jockmeister 40
Yellowbeard 9 nikeorlipstick 8 CDMac24 42 KD Drummond 40
Aggie Man 8 One.Cool.Customer 8 cowboy1966 42 ketom1220 40
Antonio S 8 PDXCowboy 8 CowboyinExile 42 letsgtld 40
Babygirl71 8 Psycho Star 8 cowdog 42 mik888 40
Baloo86 8 realfanandairman 8 geof 42 MSM33 40
beastygaming 8 revellyre 8 HonorTheStar 42 mushpuppy 40
behind.enemylines 8 Rex Pfister 8 Hookem Up 42 MUTTS 40
BigBad Joe 8 Sandmann 8 jamesvb 42 nikeorlipstick 40
BoydNation 8 Scurrah Jurrah 8 Lajitas Lava 42 Nord15 40
camrin55 8 Seatown7 8 Max2 42 One.Cool.Customer 40
Canadian Cowboy_74 8 since '66 8 meisternance 42 Panzer84 40
CDMac24 8 Souna21 8 mikemc68 42 revellyre 40
cjbrit 8 Specific 8 NorthStar99 42 Sandmann 40
claunchy 8 spur_for_life 8 Rex Pfister 42 Smax17177 40
Cowboy Joe 8 StarloverinWNC 8 skinny post 42 Souna21 40
CowboyinExile 8 Switters023 8 Through Thick And Thin 42 TheDemolitionDan 40
CowboyNeal 8 TARHEEL PAUL 8 Travlr 42 22 tied with 39
cowboyswin 8 Tennessee_Jed 8 Antonio S 41 19 tied with 38
cowdog 8 The Big Jim 8 Canadian Cowboy_74 41 14 tied with 37
Cowtoys 8 TheDemolitionDan 8 cowboyswin 41 6 tied with 36
dsmith12 8 traceabides 8 cwby4lf 41 6 tied with 35
EchoEcho 8 Vancity Cowboy 8 dsmith12 41 wildtigger2 34
f the romo haters 8 westmodelmarket 8 EchoEcho 41 5 tied with 33
fs65 8 wittenfan 8 HLCJ69 41 3 tied with 32
Gabby 8 66 tied with 7 Jebediah Flibberbrush 41 5 tied with 31

**NOTE** I updated my table to fix "txcomets" with "bcomets", and I deleted the paragraph that followed when I fixed the table just above here. Let me redo the following paragraph:

This is another interesting week. Many games can go either way (I know, all games can go either way, or they wouldn't play them). Cowboys are early this week, so no late picks. Peyton goes home to Indy. Broncos are vulnerable (Cowboys showed how to score on them and JAGS showed how to slow them down; Colts know Peyton better than anyone). We have two winless teams at home. Will one of them get that elusive first win? JAGS are hosting three-time-zone Chargers, and the Vikings are looking to Josh Freeman, fresh off the street - to lead them against the Giants. We got burned last Monday night. How do we pick this one?

We also have winless Tampa Bay traveling to mighty Atlanta - mighty 1-4 Atlanta that has lost three straight and only didn't lose last week because it was their bye week. I bet we pick Atlanta this week 150-6, same as Houston last week at home to the Rams.

In response to complaints about each week's contest not being up quickly enough, I am - beginning this week - going to begin taking two weeks at a time. You may pick any combination on here and KD's page - week #7 Thursday Game Only, week #7 all ten, week #8 Thursday Game Only, week #8 all ten...

If you wish to make early picks on here for either weeks #7 or #8, I ask you honor these guidelines:

  • Put what you are picking in the subject line (Week #7 - Thursday, Week #8, etc.). That will help me tremendously.
  • Make your winners bold. The easiest way is to use asterisks before and after your selection. For example, Minnesota at *NEW YORK GIANTS* will look like Minnesota at NEW YORK GIANTS; or, Minnesota at *NEW YORK GIANTS* will look like Minnesota at NEW YORK GIANTS.
  • Be sure to pick the Cowboys game. This is mandatory.
  • Once you have made your ten selections, please delete the other games. That makes my life easier when I am tabulating close to two hundred picks each week.
  • Please don't pick the Thursday night game after it has kicked off (or, worse, include it in picks that you post on Saturday or Sunday morning).
  • When KD puts up his new contest page, please stop posting picks on here and post them on KD's page. It is easier on me if only one page is actively posting picks. I will still monitor both pages and will record your picks, wherever they are posted.


WEEK #7 (only fifteen games):

Thursday, October 17:

Seattle at ARIZONA

Sunday, October 20:

Tampa Bay at ATLANTA

St. Louis at CAROLINA

Cincinnati at DETROIT


Buffalo at MIAMI

New England at NEW YORK JETS

Dallas at PHILADELPHIA (mandatory; must include)


San Francisco at TENNESSEE

Cleveland at GREEN BAY

Houston at KANSAS CITY

Baltimore at PITTSBURGH


Monday, October 21:

Minnesota at NEW YORK GIANTS


If you went to make early picks on any or all week #8 games, here is that list.

WEEK #8 (only thirteen games):

Thursday, October 24:

Carolina at TAMPA BAY

Sunday, October 27:

Dallas at DETROIT (mandatory; must include)

San Francisco vs JACKSONVILLE (in London)

Cleveland at KANSAS CITY


Buffalo at NEW ORLEANS

New York Giants at PHILADELPHIA

New York Jets at CINCINNATI

Pittsburgh at OAKLAND

Atlanta at ARIZONA

Washington at DENVER

Green Bay at MINNESOTA

Monday, October 28:

Seattle at ST. LOUIS

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.