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Dallas Cowboys News and Notes - Cole Beasley Is "Quarterback Friendly"

The latest Dallas Cowboys headlines: more on Jay Ratliff's contract, some leftover morsels from the win over Washington, and a look ahead at Sunday's contest: a road trip to Philly to tangle with the hated Eagles.

The Cole Beasley Fan Club holds its weekly meeting.
The Cole Beasley Fan Club holds its weekly meeting.
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Jay Ratliff Saga:

Jay Ratliff: A Retrospecitve - Dawn Macelli, Blogging The Boys
Our resident historian takes a heartfelt look at the career of a proud warrior.

Cap Ramifications of Jay Ratliff Move - Todd Archer, ESPN
Archer, who is, for my money, easily the best of the Dallas area newspaper scribes, engages in some amateur capology. Although Ratliff will count $6.9 million in dead million in 2014, the move nets your Beloved 'Boys an overall savings of $1.304 million in 2014. The largest takeaway: the recent decision to redo his contract last spring is a killer.

Jay Ratliff Contract Might Be Jerry Jones' Worst - Tim MacMahon, ESPN
MacMahon engages in some semi-professional snarkology, asking the question: is the 2011 Ratliff extension the worst contract of the Jerry Jones era?

A Look Back at Last Sunday (Night):

Harris Takes Home NFC Special Teams Player of the Week - Nick Eatman, The Mothership
In a development that surprised exactly zero Cowboys fans, Dwayne Harris' second NFCSTPOTW Award is made official. Obscure trivia: no Cowboy who wasn't a kicking specialist had ever won the award twice in a single season. Until now.

Cole Beasley is Quarterback Friendly - Carlos Mendez, Star-Telegram
"Quarterbacks like to throw the ball to him." 'Nuff said.

QB Watch: Tony Romo - Todd Archer, ESPN
Archer offers his weekly assessment of Romo's play against the Redskins. Some nice observational tidbits can be found therein.

LB Kyle Bosworth Working Double Time - Charean Williams, Star-Telegram
Question: what will the Cowboys do in short yardage now that Phil Costa is no longer active on gamedays? Answer: Kyle Bosworth of the Blocking Bosworths! Incidentally, the Cowboys converted on all three of the short-yardage plays in which Bosworth was called on to block. Will he start catching passes?

"Man, I have great hands," he said. "I know coach throws me a lot of balls when we’re in scout team and stuff like that, and I haven’t dropped one yet. Knock on wood. But progression. I hope that comes, because that would be just unbelievable. But in time. I’m good with blocking right now."

Progression? I think he means process...

The Kiffin Report, Week Six - Bob Sturm:
The Sturminator takes his weekly look at the Cowboys defense's performance in week six, and comes away with a mixture of admiration for the past and dread about the future of the depleted D-line:

During weeks they make plays, we champion their efforts and the coaching of Rod Marinelli and Monte Kiffin, but the weeks they don't make plays we admit that they are playing with a waiver wire defensive line. And honestly, only 6 games into a 16 game schedule, it is way too early to be down to this supply. That is why I am quick to compliment the pro personnel department when they keep churning that roster (yesterday, say hello to Jarius Wynn and goodbye to David Carter) but also leery of how long this can keep running along.

Looking Forward to Next Sunday:

Wednesday's Injury Report
Normally, I wouldn't include a midweek injury report, but defensive line health (or lack thereof) is beginning to feel as if it will be the story of the week. If you hit the linky, you'll note that three - count 'em, three - defensive ends make an appearance. Jarius Wynn, come on down...!

Cowboys DL is a Shell of Its [former] Self - Charean Williams, Star-Telegram
Well, yeah. And: why is nobody mentioning Ben Bass when they compile a list of D-linemen lost for the season? The dude was being groomed to take Hatcher's place in 2014..

Cowboys Saw Wilber Getting Better -Carlos Mendez, Star-Telegram
The good news is that one of the few healthy DEs showed improvement on Sunday night. The former Deacon finished with three tackles, a sack, a tackle for loss and a quarterback hit - and, of course, his sack-strip-fumble recovery trifecta. Garrett:

He’s been a guy who has been taking a little bit of time to do that, but I think he’s learning. He’s learning from watching DeMarcus Ware and some of the other guys who are playing ahead of him. And certainly in that environment with Rod and Leon, it’s a good place to learn, and he’s the right kind of guy, and he’s gotten better.

Can he keep chopping wood in DeMarcus Ware's absence?

DeMarco Murray Prepping to Play on Sunday - Calvin Watkins, ESPN
Even though his name was one of those gracing the above report, Murray says he's proceeding as if he's going to play. I assume this means he's paying attention and taking notes during during meetings, because he's not doing anything physical.

Eagles Skill Players Top The Charts - Bryan Broaddus, The Mothership
Despite the article's title, Broaddus takes a look at both teams, identifying one "Nemesis," one "Weapon" and one "Under the Radar" player for each squad.

Eagles Defense Brings Lots of Different Looks - Bryan Broaddus
The ever scout-acular Broaddus emerges from the film room to offer an assessment of the Eagles new-look 3-4 defense. The good news? The Eagles secondary is vulnerable. The bad news? The front seven attacks from all angles, which is something the Cowboys have struggled with, especially on the road.

For New Eagles, Dallas Rivalry Only A Rumor - Phil Sheridan, ESPN:
The Boids newest acquisitions are getting a speedy indoctrination in the fierceness of the Philly-Dallas rivalry. A nice reminder of where that hate emerged: The Cowboys pretty much had their way with the Eagles throughout the 70s and 90s. Hey, nobody hates the Arizona Cardinals, right?


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