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Dallas Cowboys 2013: A Football Potluck

The current edition of this team does not have a clear identity as of yet, the whole season seems like a weekly potluck dinner.

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY S

With the Dallas Cowboys, you just don't know what you are going to get. Thus far we have seen a team that one week can be a wide-open, prolific scoring offensive team like we witnessed against the Denver Broncos and then we see a stifling, defensive-oriented effort just a couple weeks later against the Philadelphia Eagles.

At various points, this is a team that has proven that it can pound the rock, while other times it has shown the ability to ride Tony Romo's passing onslaughts. The defense has proven that it is capable of having the pass rush take over and influence the outcome, while lately the secondary has proven that they are becoming an impact group as well. The special teams units have even shown that they are capable of taking over the game and making the difference.

Now the next step is for the Cowboys to put it all together at the same time. If Dallas can reach that point to where the offense, defense, and special teams all click for 60 minutes, and if they can establish the ability to do so consistently; the Dallas Cowboys have the potential to be something really special.

Imagine a team that can run or pass with something approaching equal efficiency, while at the same time having a defense that shut down its opponents either both pressure and coverage while also limiting the run. Throw in some quality performances out the special teams, and you have a team that can go toe to toe with anyone in the game right now. At this point, that still is wishful thinking, but there is little doubt that the coaches will continue to work at pulling it all together.

Perhaps soon we will see signs of the Cowboys doing just that, but for now they are still like going to a potluck dinner. We are going to get a little bit of everything; sometimes it will be good, sometimes bad, but most likely we will experience a little bit of both each time the Cowboys take the field.

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