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Cowboys Injury Report Week 8: DeMarco Murray Running, More Caution For DeMarcus Ware

The Cowboys are hoping they get a key offensive weapon back.

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Jerry Jones voiced some comments about the Dallas Cowboys current injury situation leading to some optimism about the health of DeMarco Murray, but sounding a bit more pessimistic on DeMarcus Ware. On Murray, Jones stated he might be able to practice this week which would be a very good sign. Dallas could still choose to rest Murray one more week because of the good work turned in by Joseph Randle in the Eagles game. In addition, all signs point to the return of Lance Dunbar. Because of injury Dunbar has been a forgotten man around Dallas, but in preseason he flashed some serious ability. The coaches and fans were excited to have a running back with true big-play potential. So with the Cowboys feeling pretty confident about their running back situation, Murray might receive some extra rest.

For DeMarcus Ware, the Cowboys owner sounded a decidedly cautious note.

"We're in good shape at running back [but] I wish we were in that good of shape at defensive end regarding Ware," Jones said. "We want to watch this. He's got the type of injury that if it comes back to fast, he doesn't have a tear there now, he doesn't have an imperfection. If he tries and goes to early he could get an imperfection that's another world relative to how he'll be back."

Jerryspeak translator: Rushing Ware back could be a huge mistake.

The Cowboys may also give some extra rest to Miles Austin. Since his return he's done absolutely nothing and is obviously not at full strength. The emergence of Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley have alleviated the problem of Austin being out. Based on that, Dallas might choose to shut down Austin or a couple of weeks to allow him to get fully healthy. Williams and Beasley are doing good work, but a healthy Miles Austin certainly couldn't hurt since the Cowboys are running a lot of 3- and 4-receiver sets.

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