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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: London Calling?

Latest Dallas Cowboys headlines: Sean Lee wins Defensive Player of the Week Award, the Cowboys could be headed to London next year, and the no-name D-line gets some attention.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Lee: NFC Defensive Player Of The Week - Blogging The Boys
The Cowboys man in the middle gets some deserved recognition. Lee joins DeMarcus Ware (four) as the only Cowboys linebacker to be named Defensive Player of the Week multiple times.

Sean Lee: Teammates more deserving of Defensive Player of the Week Award; more focused on improving - Clarence Hill, Star-Telegram
Imagine you're playing on a team next to a guy who is one of the very best players in the sport. And that guy gets a Defensive Player of the Week Award, and deservedly so. Then that guy turns around and says that there are other players on his team - like maybe you - who played even better than he did. Gotta make you feel good, right?

"I think there are guys on our defense who played better than I did who probably could have gotten that award instead of me," Lee said after being named Defensive Player of the Week. "It was a great team effort and great win. The key for us is to continue, because you look back two games ago and we gave up 51 points. We still have room to improve."

Jacksonville Jaguars could face Dallas Cowboys in London next season - ESPN Dallas
Citing sources, Adam Shefter reports that the Cowboys are the leading contender to face the Jaguars next year in London.

How the Cowboys shop for D-line help - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Todd Archer notes that six of the Cowboys' 10 defensive linemen joined the team after training camp started, and describes how the Cowboys go about finding the "right kind of guy."

"You talk about these guys, you watch them," Garrett said. "A lot of times you have history with the player, whether it’s direct history or you’ve spent a lot of time with him prior to the draft. You try to get all of those thoughts and impressions out there. You watch the tape and see where he is right now and what his role might be coming into our football team and how he’ll be able to help us."

Cast of castoffs have helped Cowboys overcome blows to defensive-line depth - Barry Horn, DMN
Horn writes that Dallas' revolving door policy along the defensive line leads to the curious situation that Caesar Rayford, signed just seven weeks ago, is already a veteran of the group, and that Hatcher is having trouble remembering all the names of his fellow rushmen.

Asked Wednesday, if he could name all of the players he has played alongside through the season’s first seven games, Hatcher, in his eighth season as a Cowboy, said he could not.

"It’s a lot of guys who have come in this year," he said. "And everyone has played his heart out. What more can you ask?"

At least one Dallas Cowboys player will have a big cheering section (80 tickets!) at Sunday’s game at Detroit Lions - Brandon George, DMN
Jeff Heath, who went to school about 40 minutes from Ford Field, will have about 80 family members and friends at the game on Sunday. Lucklily for him, he won't actually have to purchase all those tickets, but he helped organize them, George writes.

Cowboys eye rare three-game win streak - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Can the Cowboys win their third straight game on Sunday? For what it's worth, Detroit coach Jim Schwartz said he thinks it's going to be a tough game.

"The Dallas Cowboys coming to town is enough things to worry about. They're leading the NFC East. They're coming off two wins in a row after having a tough loss to Denver so I think they've really responded well there. They lost that really tough game and bounced back and won two games in a row. They're coming here with the same record we have. It's going to be a tough, physical game. There's going to be some outstanding players on the field. We're going to have to play our very best to come out with a win and that's the only thing we can worry about right now."

Cowboys Injury Report: DeMarco Murray Practices, DeMarcus Ware Doesn't - Blogging The Boys
The Cowboys main running back was back at practice today raising hopes that he could play on Sunday.

Cowboys' practice eye opener for Austin - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Okay, Austin is Austin, and the new guy is Marvin Austin. Anyway, Marvin Austin seems to have been impressed with practice at Valley Ranch.

"One thing I can say is practice is the realest I’ve ever experienced in my life," Austin said.

Breaking Madden: The Buccaneers and their 44 Greg Schianos -
This article is not related to the Cowboys, but if you haven't checked out this series, you've missed something. In this instalment, Jon Bois releases every single real-world member of the Buccaneers from the Tamp Bay Madden team, and replaces them with 44 identical copies of Greg Schiano. In in the process, he reduces the Buccaneer's Madden team rating from 81 to 3. And then he plays a game against the Panthers.


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