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Cole Beasley: I Can't See Myself Doing Anything But Football

Local product Cole Beasley, a fan favorite in Dallas, has worked hard to attain the level of success that he has experienced in football. For him, it was just a natural progression.

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Growing up in Little Elm, not far from the Cowboys soon to be developed new headquarters in Frisco, Cole Beasley is the prototype of what a lot of young Texas football players aspire to be. He was a gridiron god at Little Elm High School, where he played quarterback. Under the guidance of his father, Little Elm's head coach Mike Beasley, Cole received a full indoctrination on how the game is supposed to be played. While the other Lobos headed home after practice and were able to get away from the game; Cole was headed home to watch film. For Beasley, it was like being raised in a coaching clinic.

"When everybody else was going home, they were probably just eating, hanging out, playing video games. I’d get some of that, but my dad would come home and if I had done something in practice, we’d go over it and he would explain what he wanted. We would go over the upcoming team and the defenses they played, stuff like that. It was a lot of football at home." - Cole Beasley

All that hard work has paid off, but success is not something that he will ever take for granted. He knows that, thanks to his diminutive size, he will always have to work twice as hard to get noticed.

"When you are a guy my size, a lot of people don’t expect that much from you. They don’t normally look at guys like me as high-potential guys. You have to come out here and make plays, outwork everybody and show up on film as much as you can. When you are a guy my size, a lot of people don’t expect that much from you."

Showing up has not been a problem for the Bease, Jason Garrett has made it clear that Cole has earned every snap that he has been given because he is a guy who always shows up on film.

"The way he stays in this league is every day he catches five balls. Every day he beats a guy you don’t think he can beat. And he does it today, tomorrow and the next day, the next day, the next day." - Jason Garrett

Like many others, Cole Beasley has dedicated himself to following The Way Of The Rooster. He is the type of guy who has learned the benefits of doing his homework in the film room and when he was presented an opportunity, Cole clearly seized the moment and earned himself more opportunities. Like his head coach, who is also a product of a football family, Beasley intends to continue his career in the game long after his days as a player are through. Besides his father, Cole also has an uncle, now retired, who also coached the game that runs in the Beasley family's blood.

"I can’t really see myself doing anything other than football. I have been doing it all my life. It runs in the family. Football is all I really know."

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