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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: DeMarco Murray To Play vs. Lions?

Latest Dallas Cowboys headlines: Murray has a "real shot" at playing on Sunday, the 2013 rookie class is coming on strong, and George Selvie already has five sacks in seven games.

Ronald Martinez

DeMarco Murray has chance to play against Detroit Lions - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Archer writes that while Murray is officially listed as questionable, the Cowboys are cautiously optimistic that he'll be able to play on Sunday.

"He's got a real shot," executive vice president Stephen Jones said of Murray. "Wouldn't say for sure. I think it's still questionable but we'll kind of see how he feels after today's practice and we'll see how it feels on Sunday and we'll make a decision. ... We want to do right for DeMarco for the season not just one game."

Undrafted rookie set to start for Cowboys at safety - Tom Orsborn - Express-News
Jeff Heath will become the fifth rookie from the class of 2013 to get a start for the Cowboys this season. The last rookie class to feature more starters (over the entire season) was the class of 2005, with DeMarcus Ware, Marcus Spears, Jay Ratliff, Rob Petitti, Chris Canty, and Marion Barber starting at some point.

Scout’s Notebook: Evaluating Heath & Marvin Austin - Bryan Broaddus,
Broaddus writes that Heath was "spot on" in limited opportunities against the Eagles last week and expects the rookie to fit in seamlessly into Kiffin's defense. Broaddus also writes that the Cowboys' newest acquisition, Marvin Austin, could see some snaps this week:

I was told from a couple of different folks that as the week went along, he improved each day to the point that there is confidence that if he had to play, he would be able to function and provide some quality snaps.

Brian Waters is playing like Brian Waters eight weeks into his return - Charean Williams, Star-Telegram
"He’s pretty darn close to being back to himself," Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Friday of the 36-year old guard who sat out the entire 2012 season and this year's training camp.

Terrance Williams maturing, gaining trust - Calvin Watkins, ESPN Dallas
Jerry Jones recounted earlier this week how Williams was exceeding expectations, and how Tony Romo said that Williams was already playing like he was in his second or maybe even third NFL year. Romo added yesterday that he was impressed with how fast Williams is adapting to the NFL.

"I think it's tough to play wide receiver in the NFL as a rookie just because the differences," Romo said. "The jump from college to the NFL is a big one for those guys. They're used to winning on speed and now that's not enough. I think it usually takes them a while. Terrance is picking it up quickly and that's exciting to see."

Cole Beasley playing big role for Cowboys - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Beasley has had a good run for the Cowboys, catching 17 passes for 160 yards and ten first downs over the last four games. Beasley knows that teams will soon start adjusting to his game, but he believes the Cowboys are prepared for that.

"Teams are going to adjust, I think, eventually," Beasley said. "I mean right now they’re just kind of doing the same things and letting me work. So until they adjust we’re going to take advantage of what they give us. But they’ll adjust and when they do we’ll go somewhere else, I’m sure. That’s what good teams do. These are good coaches and they’ll see it, and right now I’m just doing what I’m told."

George Selvie, Beyond Your Wildest Dreams - Mickey Spagnola,
Georgie Selvie, who had not started once in 36 NFL games over three years, already has five sacks for the Cowboys. That's impressive. But it's even more impressive how Spagnola turns that nugget into a 1,264-word post.

Cowboys would accomplish quite a feat with back-to-back road wins on consecutive weekends - Charean Williams, Star-Telegram
Williams points out that Cowboys have not won road games on consecutive weekends since 2009, and even that nugget does not adequately describe how hard it's been for the Cowboys to win two consecutive road games:

Starting in 1996, the Cowboys have faced 34 back-to-back road trips -- 68 total games -- and they managed to sweep only three times.


Cowboys @ Lions: News & Notes From The Lions Perspective - Blogging The Boys
A quick look around the Detroit media and what they have to say about the upcoming game.

Detroit News predictions: Lions vs. Cowboys - The Detroit News
Four Detroit News writers are unanimous in picking the Lions, though none have the Lions winning by more than four points.

Michigan natives make return with Cowboys - The Detroit News
Brandon Carr and Jeff Heath grew up in Michigan and will have a homecoming of sorts on Sunday.

Kevin Ogletree says Detroit Lions' coaches have not picked his brain -
According to Ogletree, the Lions' staff hasn't approached him for added insight on the Cowboys.

Cowboys change up silent count - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
The Cowboys used a silent count against the Eagles last Sunday, with right guard Brian Waters tapping rookie center Travis Frederick when Tony Romo called for the ball. But they had four false starts in Philly and have now "changed it up a bit" as they travel to Detroit, Travis Frederick said.

Playing the role of Calvin Johnson is…Cowboys TE Gavin Escobar - David Moore, DMN
Escobar may not be as fast as Johnson, but he's an inch taller, so the Cowboys used Escobar to play Calvin Johnson's role in practice.

Lions vs. Cowboys: Five questions with Blogging The Boys - Pride Of Detroit
Dave Halprin answers some questions from SB Nation's Lions blog in a preview of the Lions' matchup with Dallas on Sunday.


Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says club would get some salary cap relief if DT Jay Ratliff signs with another team - Brandon George, DMN
That cap relief won't help out much.

Trades that make sense: Lions RB Mikel Leshoure to the Cowboys for a fourth-round pick - Adam Shefter, ESPN
Can't really see how this is anything but pure speculation.


Dallas Cowboys And The Indian: How A Computer Statistician From Uttar Pradesh Helped Create ‘America’s Team’ - International Business Times
The IBT details how an Indian national played a key role in setting up the Cowboys' scouting system in the 1960s. Excerpts from the highly enjoyable read:

"We had an Indian [man] who knew absolutely nothing about football and coaches who knew nothing about computers and less about Indians," Schramm said. "Salam didn't know whether a football was full of air or full of feathers."

"With my heavy Indian accent and his Texas accent, we understood each other poorly at first. Somehow, we hit it off after a few initial missteps," Qureishi said.

"There was much drinking and lots of girls," Qureishi told Patoski about Murchison’s lavish parties in exclusive hotels across the country. "People drank like fish, there were hookers everywhere."

Teams named for NFL London - The Japan News
This is old news of course, but consider the source: A paper in Asia reports about a North American sport being played in Europe.


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