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Cowboys Historic Collapse In Detroit: How To Lose A Game In The Worst Way

There are few words to describe the Cowboys debacle in Detroit, but we'll try anyway.

Leon Halip

The Dallas Cowboys accomplished the impossible on Sunday, well the near-impossible - they lost a football game in which they enjoyed a +4 in turnover margin. If the TV graphics are to be believed, that's happened one other time in 54 games. Not only did the Cowboys somehow manage to blow the game 31-30 to the Lions, but they found a way to do it in the most excruciating fashion conceivable. Truly, this was a monument to futility.

It's hard to decide what or who to blame. Was it the refusal to run play-action passes when the Lions were committing their secondary to the run? Was it Tony Romo becoming uncharacteristically inaccurate for much of the game? Was it the defense allowing 24 points in the fourth quarter? Was it committing a holding penalty for no apparent reason when you're trying to run out the clock at the end of the game? Was it allowing Kris Durham somehow beat you down the field for a huge gain within the final minute and let him get out of bounds. How about just standing around on the goal line when Matthew Stafford casually pokes the ball over for a TD?

The only thing the Cowboys did right on this day was force turnovers. When they did, the Cowboys offense did little with them. The Cowboys defense managed to get the turnovers but in most other ways to measure the game they stunk. The Cowboys got outplayed and outcoached in every imaginable way, yet still had the gall to blow a game they essentially had won.

It's hard to keep rooting for this team week after week, they never seem to reward your loyalty.

P.S. - Please abide by the blog rules even after this unbelievable collapse.

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