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NFL Power Rankings (Week 9): Chiefs, Broncos, Saints On Top; Patriots And Seahawks Slip

The three best teams in the NFL heading into Week 9 are the Chiefs, Broncos and Saints. The Seahawks and Patriots drop a few spots.


The Chiefs remain at the top of the NFL Power Rankings for the second straight week, but there's a lot of reshuffling in the top ten as the Seahawks and Patriots drop despite winning their games in Week 8.

RANK TEAM W/L Power_rankings_logo_medium MOVE (LW)
Kc_medium 8-0 They are the first team to go from the worst record to 8-0 the next season. Can they beat the Broncos? We won't know until the two teams match up, but they sit atop the league for now. (Tom) (1)
2 Den_medium 7-1 They rolled again, after falling behind early. They have a bye week, and then the two meetings with the Chiefs, along with a game against the Chargers sandwiched in the middle, will likely give an idea of who represents the AFC in the Super Bowl. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (3)
3 No_medium 6-1 Drew Brees said he's happy the Saints won even they weren't playing their best and making mistakes. It was plenty good enough for the Bills, and you've got to wonder just how good the Saints will be when they're plying their best. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (4)
Sea_medium 7-1 A shaky performance saw the Seahawks improve their record to a franchise-best 7-1. But an anemic offense that gained just 135 yards (80 of which came on a single TD pass) has the Seahawks dropping a little in our rankings. (OCC) Rd-arrow-down_medium (2)
Sf_medium 6-2 The 49ers have scored 30+ points in five consecutive games. They're back in a big way. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (6)
6 Ind_medium 5-2 Andrew Luck took home the AFC offensive player of the week award for the win over the Broncos last week, but the Colts also lost Reggie Wayne, their leading receiver with 503 receiving yards, to a season-ending torn ACL. The Colts will use their bye week to try to figure out who will step up into Wayne's spot. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (5)
Gb_medium 5-2 Eddie Lacy is the leading rookie rusher in the NFL, and the Packers are the better for it, Aaron Rodgers in particular. Outside of the two possessions to end each half, the Packer score on every one of their drives against the Vikings. That's pretty impressive any way you look at it. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (8)
8 Cin_medium 6-2 After the 49-9 loss to the Bengals, Rex Ryan said the Jets are a much better team than the loss to the Bengals would indicate. That may or may not be true, but the Bengals keep winning regardless of what people think about them. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (9)
Ne_medium 6-2 Tom Brady has had a passer rating below 80 in six of his eight games this season. Yet the Patriots continue to find ways to win and are 6-2. How good will they be when Brady finds back to his old form? (OCC) Rd-arrow-down_medium (7)
10 Det_medium 5-3 They were finished after 58 and a half minutes on Sunday. Shown up in their own stadium by a ragtag band of no-names. But then they found a way to win and everything is sunshine and roses. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (12)
11 Sd_medium 4-3 The Chargers have the bye week to prepare for a trip to Washington, but dark clouds are hanging over their remaining schedule, with two games each against the Broncos and Chiefs as well as visits from the Bengals and Giants, who may just find their mojo when it doesn't count for them anymore. (OCC) (11)
Car_medium 4-3 After a 0-2 start, the Panthers have now won four of their last five, and find themselves above .500 for the first time in five years. Even more impressive is that the offense, led by a stellar Cam Newton (130.2 passer rating, six TDs, 0 INTs over last three games), has had three successive 30+ point games, while the defense held the last three opponents to 15 or less points each. Granted, it was the Vikings, Rams and Bucs. But still... (OCC)
Gn-arrow-up_medium (14)
13 Chi_medium 4-3 After starting 3-0, the Bears started falling apart, even before Jay Cutler's injury. Jay Cutler may be out for at least four weeks, and they also lost Lance Briggs for six weeks. Now they've got Josh McCown who'll have to score enough points to make up for what their defense, sans Briggs, will give up. Good luck with that. (OCC)
Gn-arrow-up_medium (15)
14 Dal_medium 4-4 The story seems so familiar as the team winds up at .500 again after a last minute loss under circumstances that are depressing and almost impossible to believe. Giving up a game where they were +4 in turnovers raises all the old questions about whether this team can ever break through and become a winner. (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (10)
15 Ari_medium 4-4 Eight weeks in and we still don't have a clue about what kind of team the Cardinals are. At 4-4 their season is far from finished, and while a division win is almost certainly out of reach in the NFC South, they could be in the hunt for a wildcard. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (23)
16 Mia_medium 3-4 They had their foot on the Patriots' throat, leading 17-3 at the half in New England. But then the Patriots came out from halftime and scored two TDs in seven plays en route to 24 unanswered points. Bummer. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (17)
Nyj_medium 4-4 Ugh. (OCC) Rd-arrow-down_medium (13)
18 Bal_medium 3-4 Former Ravens lineman Bryant McKinnie, now in Miami, recently mentioned that one of the reasons for the struggles in Baltimore was due to the way techniques are being taught and a scheme change. The O-line has been a major disappointment for the Ravens, and without top-level protection, Flacco is just an average guy whose passer rating of 78.9 ranks him a lowly 23rd in the league. (OCC)
Rd-arrow-down_medium (16)
19 Ten_medium 3-4 Even though they are sitting at 3-4, the Titans are not out of it yet. If they can beat the teams with a losing record on their schedule (Rams, Raiders, Cardinals, Texans, Jaguars twice), they'd be a nine-win team. And if they could steam a win from either the Colts (two games) or the Broncos, they could get a wildcard spot with a 10-6 record. (OCC) Rd-arrow-down_medium (18)
20 Oak_medium 3-4 Still not sure that Terrelle Pryor is actually an NFL quarterback (25.7 passer rating), but he (and a very stout defense) won the game for the Raiders with his feet. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (28)
21 Cle_medium 3-5 The Browns dropped their third straight and look to be stuck in reverse after a promising start to the season. For what it's worth, they did put up a nice fight in Kansas City. (OCC) Rd-arrow-down_medium (19)
22 Stl_medium 3-5 The Rams were in this game against the Seahawks all the way: The Seattle defense forced them to settle for a field goal on their first three trips to the red zone last night and were denied them the go-ahead touchdown from the 1-yard line on the final drive of the game.
Gn-arrow-up_medium (25)
Buf_medium 3-5 Looks like it's going to be another long season in Buffalo. They play the Chiefs next and then head to Pittsburgh. Odds are they're going to tumble down these rankings quite a bit before they get to play Tampa and Jacksonville in back-to-back weeks in December. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (21)
Phi_medium 3-5 Michael Vick is ailing. With the uncertain situation at quarterback, the Eagles face an uphill battle in trying to get back in the thick of the race for the NFC East. But they are chasing the Cowboys, and who knows if Dallas can stay ahead of them? (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (20)
25 Atl_medium 2-5 Matt Ryan threw for four INTs against the Cardinals, and the Falcons bury their post-season hopes. 2-5 teams don't suddenly go on nine-game winning streaks. Ever. (OCC) Rd-arrow-down_medium (22)
26 Was_medium 2-5 Seriously, how long will Griffin last in this league? As exciting as it can be to watch him play, seeing him being driven into the ground time after time and coming up limping, wheezing or otherwise hurting has got to make you wonder how much punishment he can take. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (27)
27 Pit_medium 2-5 The Steelers are ranked 28th with only 17.9 points scored per game. That kind of offensive ineptitude won't win a lot of games in the NFL. (OCC) Rd-arrow-down_medium (24)
28 Hou_medium 2-5 At 2-5 and riding a five-game losing streak, the outlook is bleak for the Texans. At least they're making use of their bye-week, bringing in seven wide receivers and two QBs for workouts. Those guys may not help the Texans' 25th-ranked defense (27.7 pts per game), but could help the Texans' 30th ranked offense (17.4 ppg). (OCC) Rd-arrow-down_medium

29 Nyg_medium 2-6 The Giants started out 0-6 but have won two straight games and find themselves only two games out in the NFC East. It they can continue on a roll, anything is possible. All you have to do is get invited to the dance. Eli, Coughlin, and the G-men know all about how that works. (Dawn) (29)
30 Min_medium 1-6 They at least showed some signs of an offense, but it was not nearly enough against the Packers. With their quarterback options down to Christian Ponder and Josh Freeman, they have to be happy that the forecast is for a fairly strong group of quarterbacks in the next draft. (Tom) (30)
31 Tb_medium 0-7 The Bucs got embarrassed on national television. The team is in complete disarray, and the fans are in open mutiny with numerous "Fire Schiano" billboards sprouting up around Tampa in the last week. Schiano's uplifting message for his players: "You are stuck with me." Nobody knows why the Glazers haven't fired Schiano yet - unless the Glazers are employing the Colts' "Suck for Luck" strategy in an attempt to get a franchise QB for Tampa in the 2014 draft. (OCC) (31)
32 Jac_medium 0-8 About all they have left to worry about is if the Bucs out-bad them for the first pick in the draft. (Tom) (32)

Stay tuned here on Blogging The Boys as we'll bring you a NFL power rankings summary from around the internet later today, summarizing everything from solid opinions by some of the bigger names in football through some absolute head-scratchers all the way through a collection of stat-based rankings.


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