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The Weekly BEast Report: Our Look At The Rest Of The NFC East

As normal on a Tuesday, we take a look around the division to see how the other guys are doing.

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New York Giants (2-6)

New York Giants 15
Philadelphia Eagles 7

Next Up: Bye

Giants-Eagles "Kudos & Wet Willies": Ed Valentine Big Blue View

Our sister site gives us a look at how some things seem to have gotten headed in the right direction for the G-men.

Giants' Defense: A week after holding Adrian Peterson to 28 yards on 13 carries the Giants held LeSean McCoy to 48 yards on 15 attempts. Defensive end Justin Tuck had two tackles for loss, but the work by the Giants was a total team effort. The defense, in fact, deserves 'Kudos' as a whole after not allowing a point for two straight weeks. They also got a season-high four sacks.

Giants Hit The Bye Week Feeling A Little Bit Better: Dan Graziano

The Giants are on a two game win streak, and after the dismal start to their season, the team enters their bye week riding a little wave of momentum. As bad as the Giants have played they are only two games out of first place in the NFC East.

"I think there's some excitement," Coughlin said. "We're certainly not blind to the issues that we do have. But by the same token, we're excited about having the opportunity to improve on those issues and we're excited about the second half of the year."

Jerry Reese Says"Eli Manning Didn't Forget How To Play Quarterback; Conor Orr The State Ledger

"Again, I still think Eli is a very good player and after 10 years, he didn't forget how to play his position all of a sudde,[sic]" Reese said. So there's a lot of things involved with his play and everybody's play. It's all of us, we win together, we lose together."

For the record Eli has 10 TD passes this season, contrasted to his 15 interceptions. He may not have forgotten how to play quarterback, but he seems to have an issue with remembering how to play the position.

Washington Redskins (2-5)

Washington Redskins 21
Denver Broncos 45

Next Up: Home against the San Diego Chargers

Is Change Needed In DC?; Mark Tyler Hog's Haven

Question: What is the only thing worse than getting your teeth kicked in by a superior opponent?

Answer: Having that team toy with you for an entire half before putting their foot on your throat.

That question sets the tone for an honest and in depth discussion of not only the issues the Redskins are facing, but it also introduces some speculation on how the team can resolve the problems.

RGIII "OK" After Leaving Redskins Loss With Knee Injury; Gregg Rosenthal Around The League

Griffin's knee does not sound like a concern. His accuracy throwing the ball and Washington's 2-5 record remains a problem.

Redskins Let Down By Offense; John Keim

A look at how a Washington offense, which had dominated the field in Denver for the first thirty minutes of the game, managed to lead the way as the Redskins pulled a "crash and burn" when they found themselves in a situation to pull off the upset.

This is what bad teams do when the moment arrives for them to respond. When a home crowd is foot-stomping loud, their cheers shaking the stadium. When a play must be made to swing the momentum back.

They run 14 plays, gain 22 yards and punt three times. One of those punts traveled 15 yards. And landed at their own 35-yard line. Followed one play later by the go-ahead touchdown.

And then they followed that with four straight drives ending in interceptions

Philadelphia Eagles (3-5)

New York Giants 15
Philadelphia Eagles 7

Next Up: At the Oakland Raiders

Report: Nick Foles To Start Against Oakland Raiders; Brandon Lee Gowton Bleeding Green Nation

It is another round of quarterback du jour in Philadelphia. Michael Vick is back out after re-injuring his hamstring and will be replaced by Nick Foles, who has passed the league's head injury protocols after suffering aconcussion against the Dallas Cowboys in week seven.

Philadelphia Eagles Problems Go Far Beyond The Quarterback Situation; Brad Wilson Lehigh Valley Live

After surveying the wreckage of an ugly full-speed-ahead-onto-the-rocks loss to the New York Giants Sunday, Captain Chip Kelly of the S.S. (standing for Slowly Sinking) Philadelphia Eagles knows one thing: his problems don't start and end with the guy steering the offense.

The Philadelphia Eagles Or The Walking Dead: Which Is Scarier To Watch; Tim Hawk

Earlier this month, the AMC television network debuted the fourth season of the hit television program, "The Walking Dead", with the opening episode entitled "30 days without an accident".

The Philadelphia Eagles – quickly becoming the NFL’s version of the AMC horror show – could’ve entitled their most recent chapter "393 days without a win at home".

By the time that Eagles play at home again, that streak will have reached 413 days without a victory at Lincoln Financial Field.

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