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Cowboys Gameplans: On The Chalkboard Defending The Broncos (VIDEO)

Let's go to the chalkboard to take a look at a couple of things I would try if I was Monte Kiffin coordinating this Cowboys Defense.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

A Few Notes To Remember:

  • The "Gold" call gives a CB an opportunity to scrape off his man and jump an out breaking route by an inside WR or TE, while still being protected by the safety over the top in a 2-Deep look.
  • This call could be a chance to show Peyton Manning one look and set a trap for him as he tries to get the ball to his guys.
  • I'm looking for ways to get guys in position to make big plays to stop the Broncos, and create turnovers.
  • Many times you'll hear that teams should vary their looks pre-snap to give Peyton Manning a lot to digest, but I'm taking the opposite approach. I want to give them one look pre-snap every play, without change. Similar to a common poker strategy. Most very good poker players have a standard bet which they'll place any time they enter a hand "pre-flop" they use this standard bet almost regardless of what hand they are actually holding, in order to keep from giving their opponents an idea of what their hand might look like. I would vary my coverages, and pressures post-snap, but I want to take away the inherent advantage that Manning usually holds because of his ability pre-snap, and put both teams on the level playing field. If this can make him hesitate for a split second before getting rid of the ball, you give your defense a better chance to pressure him and force a mistake.

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