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Cowboys Lose Heartbreaker To Broncos 51-48

In a brutal ending to a very entertaining game, the Cowboys fell to the Broncos.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

There is no way to sugarcoat the disappointment of losing that game. The Dallas Cowboys had played the Denver Broncos to a draw, 48 - 48, until the final minutes of the fourth quarter. Then one of those turnovers that so divide opinion about Tony Romo occurred in the worst of circumstances. Until that moment, Tony Romo had played one of the most brilliant games of his career. He kept the Cowboys from folding with surgical drives and long bombs all day, matching Peyton Manning in scores and keeping hope alive. The Cowboys got the ball back with a chance to win it in the final minutes. On a couple of bad plays they ended up backed up in their own territory, one was a penalty that wiped out a long kick return by Dwayne Harris and a sack followed that.

Then, on a play that will be dissected and examined, Romo felt some pressure and tried to force one into Jason Witten. The Broncos picked him off and ran out the clock, kicking the game-winning field goal with no time left on the clock.

It's hard to define what happened today. The offense was blockbuster all day long. Good enough to win the game until a killing turnover. The defense was little help for most of the day although they did provide a couple of turnovers and actually held the Broncos to field goals a couple of times. Are the Cowboys a 2-3 team that is fading, or are they a 2-3 team that just played with the best until the final minutes. The only we'll know is how they play going forward. This one is in the books, and it hurt.

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