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Terrance Williams: What A Difference A Week Can Make

One week ago rookie WR Terrance Williams was nearly in tears over his performance against the Chargers; this week he delivered a game that will have an effect beyond its impact on the field against the Broncos.

Terrance Williams led all receivers on Sunday despite his early season struggles.
Terrance Williams led all receivers on Sunday despite his early season struggles.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

There are growing pains anytime a rookie player is asked to make an impact on a football team, and Terrance Williams is no exception. Against the San Diego Chargers just eight days ago, the young pass-catcher suffered a drop in a critical situation and then as the game was winding down, Williams suffered a devastating fumble on the goal line to seal the Dallas Cowboys' fate. Against the Denver Broncos, the same young man turned in the best receiving performance by a Cowboys rookie receiver in more than a decade. For the afternoon Williams gained 151 yards on four receptions and he scored a touchdown. The 82-yard Romo to Williams strike is one that will have an impact down the road. During the game, our own Rabblerousr had this comment on Twitter about the long term impact of that play:

Rabble is correct, now opposing defenses have another element of the Dallas Cowboys offense to prepare for; they have to respect the deep ball from Romo to Williams.

Even though the two performances were a different as daylight and dark, according to Williams there is a direct link between the two.

"I was just trying to battle back from last week. Dez [Bryant], Miles [Austin] and the rest of the guys were good to me, giving me words after the game. That feeling just walking off the field after that, I can’t come back and let these guys down again. I took that for a personal challenge to just come out here and use my talents for what they brought me in for." - Terrance Williams

While many fans were down on the rookie from Baylor last week, they should be equally excited for him in light of how he responded to a poor performance. After all, the Cowboys brought him in to have an immediate impact on the passing game and they have been pushing him hard since training camp began. His teammates expect a lot out of Williams, none more than Jason Witten.

There wasn’t a tougher guy on him going into training camp than me, more critical. That was because you knew he had a chance to be a good player. He’s got speed, he can catch, the game’s not too big. It’s just great to see him mature the way he has. - Jason Witten

Speaking with the media following the matchup against Denver, Witten went on to add that he is proud of how the development and maturity that Williams has shown thus far. The Senator added "The maturity level he has to put that one behind him and move on, you usually don’t see that in young players. He doesn’t back down from it." Earning the respect of a future Hall of Fame player like Jason Witten bodes well for the future of Terrance Williams.

Head coach Jason Garrett was also pleased with how the rookie rebounded from his performance against San Diego.

"He came back with the right mindset and demeanor," he said. "The ball went to him a few times because they were doubling the other guys. That’s where the ball should go and he stepped up and made the plays." - Jason Garrett

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