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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes - Dez Bryant: "We Are Explosive. That's Our Identity."

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Dez: Dallas established 'explosive' identity - Tim MacMahon, ESPN Dallas
"That is the way we want to play," Jason Garrett said of the offensive performance on Sunday, and Jason Witten called the performance the standard for the Cowboys' offense. Dez Bryant agrees, vehemently:

"There’s no other way," Bryant said. "I think he’s exactly right. There’s no other way to put it. We are explosive. We are, and that’s our identity, an explosive offense. I think we showed that."

Was the Denver game a template for the rest of the season? - Tom Orsborn,
Orsborn writes that the Cowboys were on the attack from start to finish Sunday, and while it may be hard to replicate the offensive production from the Denver game, there's no harm in trying. Garrett agrees:

"It can be attacking," he said. "Attacking doesn’t mean throw it every time. Attacking doesn’t mean get in empty every time. You want to be able to attack with plays that you like, that can get after the defense. And based on what the week is and what the plan is and what they’re trying to do, that might look different. You still want to play with the same demeanor."

Decoding Callahan: Week 5, Broncos - Bob Sturm
While I shudder to think what Sturm will write about the defense, his review of the offensive performance is a nice read, which Sturm summarizes as follows:

It seems that the Cowboys have seen that they need explosiveness in their offense. They must attack and they must make you defend the whole field. They demonstrated imagination here and if they can draw anything from this day, it is to prove that they should be able to make defenses beg for mercy.


Dallas Cowboys’ woes attributable to a defense struggling to adjust to Monte Kiffin - The Washington Post
The Cowboys have a losing record and face an uncertain future because of a disorganized, generous defense, Kent Babb writes.

Dallas’s defense, in the first year of an overhaul under coordinator Monte Kiffin, has kept its team underwater. The Cowboys are a team overflowing with talent, and instead of celebrating a share of first place in the NFC East, this defense has the team on the verge of panic.

Are alarm bells going off at Valley Ranch? - Tom Orsborn,
Orsborn opines that the Cowboys' defense is ill prepared for what he calls a "Murder’s Row" list of quarterbacks the Cowboys will face: Washington’s Robert Griffin III, Detroit’s Matthew Stafford, New Orleans’ Drew Brees, the New York Giants’ Eli Manning, Chicago’s Jay Cutler and Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers are all looming on the horizon.

Cowboys' Jason Hatcher, sackless for two games, feels the effect of teams paying attention to him - Carlos Mendez, Star-Telegram
Hatcher acknowledges that teams are doing a better job scheming against the Cowboys' defensive line, but doesn't let it count as an excuse.

"You know, teams did a good job of scheming us, double-teaming us, chipping us, stuff like that. But it’s no excuse," Hatcher said. "I’m not making excuses at all. We got to go out there and get it done. We got to go out there and pressure the quarterback. I got to find a way to split the double team when they do it. I got to go out and affect the quarterback. That’s what they pay us to do. That’s what I got to do."

Garrett says Cowboys had better spirit on defense versus Broncos than against Chargers - Carlos Mendez, Star-Telegram
When asked to pick out any good things he saw on defense on Sunday, Garrett said the Cowboys played with better spirit on defense against the Broncos than they did the week before against the Chargers.

"There was a relentless nature to how we played," the Cowboys coach said Monday at Valley Ranch. "Sometimes people say, ‘What’s this guy talking about? They gave up 500 yards, they gave up 51 points, all of that.’ But when you watch the tape, we played better in that regard than we had the previous week. And that’s something you can identify as being something that’s good."

"Overall, it’s not good enough."


Dez Bryant: Tony Romo's a fighter; 'He doesn't care what nobody else says'
Over the past couple of months, Dez Bryant has probably produced more headlines than any other Cowboys player, and for all the right reasons. What has not received as much media attention (yet) is the vocal leadership role Bryant has been taking on for the Cowboys. Where we previously got nice soundbites from an excited and excitable young man, Bryant seems to have grown into a more mature, team-first spokesperson for the Cowboys, as he shows in his defense of Romo:

"In my eyes, Romo's a fighter," Bryant said. "I don't think no quarterback in the NFL takes as much criticism as he takes. And he still goes out there and acts like he hasn't heard anything. I know he hear it but he doesn't let it get to him. He goes out there and performs the best way he possibly can. And we're going to forever back him for it."

The Week in Overreactions: Tony Romo is a choker -
'The Week in Overreactions' focuses on the more unreasonable overreactions of the past week, examines Tony Romo's performance at length and concludes:

Now, through the confluence of awfulness that is the rest of the NFC East, Romo has the perfect opportunity to silence his critics. If his next 11 games look anything like his first five, not only will Dallas run away with the division, Romo will end up on the short list of MVP runners-up behind Peyton Manning.

Tony Romo does all he can for Cowboys; love it, don't hate it -
Tony Romo's late interception Sunday brought out all the critics, but Adam Schein is tired of hearing it. The quarterback did all he could -- and more -- for the Dallas Cowboys, but he needs some help.

"Dallas has problems. The quarterback isn't one of them."

Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo: Not a Choker - Wall Street Journal
Kevin Clark provides an analytical defense of Tony Romo and his performance against the Broncos.


Division holds key for Cowboys - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Archer points out that seven NFC teams have a better record than the Cowboys. Winning the division would be the easiest way to make the playoffs for the Cowboys, and wins in the next two games against division foes Washington and Philly would go a long way towards ensuring that.

Cowboys get a lot from 'empty' look - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Tony Romo completed 12 of 14 passes for 272 yards out of their "empty" package and was sacked only once. Garrett credits the offensive line for allowing the Cowboys to play effectively out of that package.

"That’s been a huge difference for our football team, is the ability of those guys to block and handle the one-on-one matchups and the different things that defensive lines present you," Garrett said, "and it really shows up throughout our passing game."

Cole Beasley does fair Welker imitation - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Cole Beasley is short, white and a wide receiver. Cue the Wes Welker comparisons.

Fantasy Football - Playing the Waiver Wire for Week 6 -
The fantasy guys at CBS call Terrance Williams a "must add" for your fantasy team.

"The only concern with Williams is what his role will be when Miles Austin (hamstring) is healthy, but right now he's playing well. He has 11 catches for 212 yards and a touchdown in his past two games, and he's a future star in Dallas, especially when Austin is gone after this season."


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