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Ponder This: Vikings Finally Decide On QB For Dallas Game

It took all week but the Vikings finally made their decision on who will face the Cowboys on Sunday.

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The Dallas Cowboys got word today on just who would be under center for the Vikings on Sunday. Christian Ponder will be the guy, getting the nod over Josh Freeman and Matt Cassel. Of the three, I personally think Ponder was their best choice. While Ponder definitely has his faults, with him under center the Vikings actually put up points. It can't all be attributed to him being the signal-caller but they have proven that they certainly can score points when Ponder plays, always scoring 24 points or more when he's played in 2013.

One of the problems Ponder poses is with his feet. So far on the year he has three rushing touchdowns and can definitely do damage that way. He's also managed to cut down some on his interceptions after giving up three of them in the opening game of the season. Outside of that, he's struggled to put up points through the air, only connecting on two touchdowns for the four games he's played. This game is something of a homecoming for Ponder who grew up outside of Dallas. He'll definitely be hyped to put on a performance in front of his family and friends.

The Vikings biggest threat is Adrian Peterson, and Ponder would do well to hand it off to him a lot more than the Vikings have been doing recently. AP's carries over the last three games have never gone over 13 touches. He has been having a little bit of an issue with his hamstring but says that's not an issue.

"You definitely want to get the ball a little more,'' Peterson said Thursday. "I think the last three games, 13 carries, I don't think that's ever happened in my career. So we'll put the emphasis on the run (Sunday)."

"Hamstring is feeling good," he said. "Still a little tightness, but I'm feeling comfortable with where it's at, knowing that just stretching and getting it warm is what I'll need and I'll be ready to go."

Peterson said getting the hamstring warmed up has helped. During Sunday's 44-31 home loss to Green Bay, he said he used a heating pad while on the sideline for the first time. Peterson said that generally "worked out well."

But he did admit to having some stiffness during long stretches on the sideline because of Green Bay's extended drives. Though he wouldn't offer a percentage figure on his health, Peterson said he has run with more confidence since a recent MRI revealed no significant damage.

If the Cowboys can contain AP, you have to like their chances. But don't think that the Vikings offense is totally inept, with Ponder under center the Vikings average 28 points a game. The Cowboys will have to treat this offense with respect.

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