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Cowboys @ Saints: Game Day Open Thread III

The score at halftime: Cowboys 10 - Saints 28.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Well, there's not much hope for the Cowboys tonight. With Sean Lee out, the defense looks like practice dummies against Drew Brees and the Saints offensive onslaught. Dallas was able to run the ball early, but now they'll have to go to the passing game in a desperate attempt to catch up. That hasn't worked out well so far as Tony Romo has only been able to hit a few passes, mainly to tight ends.

I guess a miracle could happen and the Saints could go on a turnover spree, but short of that, it's hard to think of a way Dallas can dig out of this hole.

This is an open thread for game chat.

All blog rules are in effect for the open threads, so please, just stay within the rules.

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