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NFC East: The Weekly BEast Report (Week Ten)

Another week has come and gone, and the NFC East remains open for the taking.

Manning-face is back. You can't beat an American original
Manning-face is back. You can't beat an American original
Al Bello

New York Giants (3-6)

Oakland Raiders 20
New York Giants 24

Next up: Home against the Green Bay Packers

NY Giants Still Searching For Good Eli Manning Gary Myers, New York Daily News

For now it is starting to look like the Giants are finding ways to win in spite of Manning's efforts.

The Giants are still waiting for The Good Eli to show up this season after seeing so much of The Really Bad Eli. He was just 12-for-22 for 140 yards against the Raiders, with the special teams accounting for one touchdown on a blocked punt and Terrell Thomas’ 65-yard interception return setting up another.

New York Giants' Special Teams: Can They Be Fixed? Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

Check out these facts:

  • The Giants are 31st in the league in net punt yardage
  • They are 30th in kick off coverage
  • And they are 28th in in punt returns and 26th in kickoff returns

That really makes you appreciate guys like Dan Bailey and Dwayne Harris, doesn't it?

Giants still not that impressed with selves Dan Graziano, ESPN

"I wouldn't say, necessarily, that we're back in it. We're taking steps. We're building. We have some wins and we have some momentum going, but there's still a long way to go to the point where we feel like we're right back there, or tied, or something like that. We can't get too caught up in that." - Cullen Jenkins

The Giants still face long odds to get into the playoffs, but with the NFC East in the condition it is, even a team that is still three games under .500 has the potential to fight their way into the post-season party.

Doctors Have Warned David Wilson Adam Schefter, ESPN

After being placed on injured reserve due to a season ending neck injury, the Giants 2012 first round draft pick has been advised that he faces a significant risk of further injury to the herniated disk that he suffered during the week five contest against the Philadelphia Eagles. As of right now, the choice to continue with his football career has been left in the running back's hands, but there is some speculation that he may never be able to return to the game.

Washington Redskins(3-6)

Washington Redskins 27
Minnesota Vikings 34

Next Up: At the Philadelphia Eagles

Five Questions Facing The Redskins John Keim, ESPN

John Keim, who covers the Skins for ESPN, takes a hard look at the five biggest issues surrounding the team, including can the team fight their way into the playoffs and is head coach Mike Shanahan's job in jeopardy.

Chris Cooley Asks Mike Shanahan Why The DLine Is So Vanilla Kevin Ewoldt, Hogs Haven

Nothing helps to take your mind off your own teams troubles quite like reading a division rival's response answer to the "Hey, Coach! Why does your team suck?" question. Our friends at Hogs Haven were kind enough to give us Shanahan's response to a rather direct question that he was asked during his presser following the loss to the lowly Vikings.

At 3-6, The Washington Redskins Dealing With Myriad Of Problems In Bid To Save Season Mike Jones, Washington Post

The team’s inability to play four strong quarters is a glaring concern, however. Against the Vikings, the Redskins scored 24 first-half points. A field goal early in the third quarter stretched their lead to 27-14. From that point, Washington went 0 for 6 on third downs and did not reach the end zone.

Last season, the Redskins faced the same uphill battle at this point in the season. At that time, the Redskins were able to fix their defense and rode their way to a season ending victory over the Cowboys to win the NFC East. This time around, Shanahan's team faces more issues than just the defense.

Groundhog Day For Redskins Chuck Carroll, CBS DC

"3-6 is 3-6. The division is kind of still up for grabs a little bit. Philly’s been kind of on a roll now. So how do we fix it? I don’t know. I keep saying week after week, there’s no magic formula to take, or special pill we can pop to run some wins off." - DeAngelo Hall

Philadelphia Eagles(5-5)

Philadelphia Eagles 27
Green Bay Packers 13

Next Up: Home against the Washington Redskins

Report: Nick Foles Is The Eagles Starting QB For The Rest Of The Season Brandon Lee Gowton, Bleeding Green Nation

Assuming (Howard) Eskin's report is true, Michael Vick won't play again this season, barring an injury to Foles. Vick, if healthy, would likely be the team's primary backup QB in this case. It seems like Vick still isn't 100% healthy yet though. He re-injured his hamstring a few weeks ago and hasn't been able to fully participate in practice since then.

To Contend, Eagles Must Win At Home Phil Sheridan, ESPN

It was one thing when Andy Reid’s 4-12 Eagles team lost its last six home games of 2012. And it was not that big a deal when Reid’s still-undefeated Kansas City Chiefs came to Lincoln Financial Field and beat Kelly in his second home game. But the streak has hit 10 games now. Kelly is 0-4 at the Linc.

Is DeSean Jackson Right? Do Eagles Fans Boo Too Much? Richard Rys, Philadelphia Magazine

"We gotta get it going. Hopefully, we can … win in front of our home fans. But [we’ve] gotta be supported by everybody. Can’t be coming into the game, first quarter, getting boos and all that type of stuff already. You just got to work with us throughout the game." - DeSean Jackson

In response to that statement by DJax, Philadelphia Magazine's Michael Rys had this to say to Jackson:

If that happened, a few veteran players, coaches and media members would pass out from shock. The broadcasters would be speechless. Perhaps the team would get a lift. But that scenario will never play out. Not in this tough town. So instead of worrying about the soundtrack on Sunday, DeSean, I’d concentrate on making plays.

Since Reid Arrived, Eagles A "No-Haze" Zone Phil Sheridan, ESPN

"Andy was very much against hazing and all that stuff" - Jason Kelse, Eagles center

As well the Eagles coaches should be; from DeSean Jackson's comments it is clear that giving players hell is the domain of the infamous Philly sports fans.

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