KD's 10-for-10 - 2013 Week #10 Update

KD opened his week #10 Contest Page: "On the heels of one of the worst weeks in the contest's history, all look to bounce back for Week 10".

We bounced back - way back - to our second worst week ever (and our second time to miss more games as a consensus than we got right). What was the worst? I linked it last week. Read my report on 2012 Week #6, our worst week ever.

Like that week, our best scores were only 7-for-10. Most everyone missed the same games: Cincinnati (only seven picked the Ravens), Indianapolis (no one picked the Rams), and Tennessee (only three picked the Jaguars). If those weren't enough to kill everyone's scores this week, add these in for good measure: Washington (only fourteen picked the Vikings), San Francisco (twenty-three picked the Panthers), and Miami (twenty-three also picked the Bucs). Oh, how about the Cowboys? Sixty-nine (including all of the 7-for-10s) picked the Saints, while one hundred seven added to the Cowboys' misery with a loss of their own.

We had one new player this week, something that we have done every week this season. We also had our lowest participation - 176 - which dropped our weekly average below 200 for the first time this year (199.2).This is still - by far - the largest 10-for-10 participation. The other two seasons that I have tracked started out smaller than this season and dropped significantly throughout the season.

This year, we began with 242. Three other weeks have had 200+ participants, and three other weeks have been just under 200. Last year, we began with a then-record 222 - our only week above 200. Each week had steadily fewer participants. By week #10, we were down to 130.

I was asked on KD's page in a comment how many had played all ten weeks this season. I named them - all 136 that have played all ten weeks this season (more than the entire total to play in week #10 last year).

Yes, this contest is growing - both in popularity and in staying power. KD and I salute you, the loyal Cowboys fans and members of Blogging the Boys.

Here is the participation table:

Week Played This Week Missed This Week Total
1 242 0 242
2 207 49 256
3 200 60 259
4 198 67 265
5 189 80 269
6 199 80 279
7 200 90 290
8 195 100 295
9 186 111 297
10 176 122 298

As I mentioned in the open, this is our second-worst scoring week as a consensus (6-8 this week; the worst was 2012-06 when we went 4-10). Also, as mentioned above, we had bad losses, and not just the Cowboys to really hurt our individual scores.

Here are our results this week:

Week #10 Results (Home in CAPS)
Win Winners (we're great) Lose
160 Denver SAN DIEGO 7
150 Seattle ATLANTA 11
116 NEW YORK GIANTS Oakland 9
75 Detroit CHICAGO 27
56 PITTSBURGH Buffalo 30
52 ARIZONA Houston 32
Win Losers (we're bleep) Lose
0 St. Louis INDIANAPOLIS 172
3 Jacksonville TENNESSEE 165
23 Carolina SAN FRANCISCO 121
69 NEW ORLEANS Dallas 107
7 BALTIMORE Cincinnati 100
23 TAMPA BAY Miami 76
14 MINNESOTA Washington 62
35 Philadelphia GREEN BAY 55

We lost our last bit of perfection this week, as we had been perfect all season picking Jacksonville - each week we pick them to lose, each week they lost. This week, they broke the pattern and won (one of the games that most of us missed).

Here's a look at how we have picked each team, each week (first letter - our pick; second letter - actual result):

Picks/Results for Each Team/Each Week
Team Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3 Wk 4 Wk 5 Wk 6 Wk 7 Wk 8 Wk 9 Wk 10 Wk 11 Wk 12 Wk 13 Wk 14 Wk 15 Wk 16 Wk 17 W L
Denver WW WW WW WW WW WW WL WW Bye WW 8 1
Jacksonville LL LL LL LL LL LL LL LL Bye LW 8 1
Kansas City WW LW WW WW WW WW WW WW WW Bye 8 1
Houston WW WW WL LL LL WL LL Bye LL LL 7 2
New York Giants LL LL WL LL LL LL WW LW Bye WW 7 2
Tampa Bay WL LL LL LL Bye LL LL LL LL LW 7 2
Tennessee LW LL WW WW LL LL LL Bye WW WL 7 2
Arizona LL LW LL WW LW LL LL LW Bye WW 6 3
Green Bay LL WW WL Bye WW WW WW WW WL WL 6 3
New Orleans WW WW WW WW WW WL Bye WW WL LW 6 3
Oakland LL WW LL LL LW LL Bye LW WL LL 6 3
San Francisco WW WL WL WW WW WW WW WW Bye WL 6 3
Atlanta LL WW WL WL WL Bye WW WL LL LL 5 4
Carolina LL LL LW Bye WL LW WW WW WW LW 5 4
Chicago LW WW WW WL LL WW WL Bye LW LL 5 4
Cleveland WL LL LW LW WW LL LL LL LW Bye 5 4
Detroit WW WL WW LW LL WW WL LW Bye WW 5 4
Minnesota LL LL WL LW Bye WL LL LL LL LW 5 4
New England WW WW WW LW WL LW WL WW WW Bye 5 4
Washington WL LL LL WW Bye LL LW LL LW WL 5 4
Philadelphia LW WL LL LL WW WW LL WL LW LW 5 5
Indianapolis WW WL LW WW WW WL LW Bye WW WL 4 5
Pittsburgh WL LL LL WL Bye LW LW WL LL WW 4 5
San Diego LL LW LL LW WL LW WW Bye WL LL 4 5
Baltimore LL WW LW WL LW LL WL Bye WL LW 3 6
New York Jets LW LL LW LL LW WL LW LL LW Bye 3 6
Cincinnati WL WW LW WL LW WW LW WW WL WL 3 7
Miami LW LW LW LL WL Bye WL LL LW WL 2 7
Total 180 114

For the sixth week in a row, we maintain a lead the Front Page Writers. Each week, One.Cool.Customer hosts a pick-em page (week #10 picks / week #11 picks) where all the FPWs offer picks in every game for the week. I track their consensus picks for each game and compare it to our consensus for each game. This week, even though we had a bad week, they were almost as bad. They got two right that we missed (Vikings and Eagles), and we got one right that they missed (Lions). So, this week, we're still in the lead, but our three-game lead is cut back to two games.

Here is that updated table:

2013 10-for-10 Consensus vs. Front Page Writers
Week 10-for-10 Wins 10-for-10 Losses Front Page Wins Front Page Losses
1 11 5 11 5
2 11 5 12 4
3 9 7 10 6
4 9 6 7 8
5 9 5 7 7
6 10 5 10 5
7 9 6 9 6
8 9 4 9 4
9 7 6 6 7
10 6 8 7 7
Total 90 57 88 59

Again, this is not our worst-ever week on 10-for-10, but it is a record-setting week. Just as the Cowboys set a record for futility by giving up first downs, we set a record for futility with our largest unanimous miss. When I first began tracking this, I tracked our "unanimous losses" - where we all picked one team, no one picked the other, and the favored team lost. I had to rename it after last year's week #10 (the infamous tie between the 49ers and the Rams; we had unanimously picked the 49ers). These are now "unanimous non-wins".

We not only have a new entry, but it is at the top. Congratulations to all, as 172 out of the 176 who played this week picked the Colts over the Rams. More congratulations to the four who stayed away - Babygirl71, DCB*, meisternance, and wildtigger2.

Here is that table. I hope to never have to trot it out again:

Worst Unanimous 10-for-10 "Non-Wins"
Week Picks Our Pick Winner
2013-10 172 Indianapolis St. Louis
2012-03 170 San Francisco Minnesota
2012-10 127 San Francisco St. Louis (tie)
2012-13 98 Baltimore Pittsburgh
2012-15 87 Detroit Arizona
2011-02 79 Baltimore Tennessee
2011-08 77 New Orleans St. Louis
2011-10 75 Baltimore Seattle
2011-07 70 Baltimore Jacksonville
2011-15 64 Green Bay Kansas City
2011-04 61 Buffalo Cincinnati
2011-01 60 Cleveland Cincinnati
2011-03 51 Arizona Seattle
2011-13 50 Chicago Kansas City
2011-14 23 Philadelphia Miami

In this FanPost, I try to list only the top weekly scores and the top overall scores.If I included the 5-for-10s, then my "top" scores would include over half of the field. So, I am only including the top scores this week (again, fewer than normal this week). Look to KD's next page for the complete leaderboard. If you can't search and find your picks to see how you did, then ask me (either on here or in an email), and I'll tell you what you scored this week.

We have a new leader this week. Aggie Man came into the week one behind our leader for half the season - lsttexas. Aggie Man put up one of the leading 7-for-10s, and inched past lsttexas (one of the fifty-seven 5-for-10s).

Here's how close it was this week. They were tied after the Sunday games, but Aggie Man had the Bucs, and lsttexas had the Dolphins.

Congratulations to Aggie Man, our new overall leader this week, and continuing the record pace this year (highest score through week #10).

Here are the top scores this week, and the top scores on the overall leaderboard.

Top Scores Through Week #10
This Week Score This Week Score 2013 Overall Score 2013 Overall Score
Aggie Man 7 HLCJ69 6 Aggie Man 75 Through Thick And Thin 70
IRONRAVEN 7 Howleyesque 6 lsttexas 74 Useful_Idiot_ 70
lucke 7 iidacii 6 JDobermans 73 Wreck'emCowboys 70
Max2 7 JDobermans 6 beastygaming 72 Baloo. 69
nikeorlipstick 7 Jessy S 6 jstaubach 72 HonorTheStar 69
revellyre 7 j-man 6 Max2 72 jakezze01 69
Wreck'emCowboys 7 jstaubach 6 bookiebuster 71 nikeorlipstick 69
Baloo. 6 mbraunginn 6 CarloRue 71 Seatown7 69
beastygaming 6 mdlusk 6 revellyre 71 cowboy1966 68
BigHat in NewTexas 6 Oh Hai Doggy 6 swanhooch 71 HLCJ69 68
CarloRue 6 Sean N 6 BigHat in NewTexas 70 Hookem Up 68
cjbrit 6 Shakeepuddn 6 boys.camncrew 70 illcowboy 68
Cowboy Joe 6 Tennessee_Jed 6 CowboyBaby 70 IRONRAVEN 68
cowboy1966 6 TheDemolitionDan 6 mikemc68 70 Jebediah Flibberbrush 68
Cowtoys 6 Yellowbeard 6 nicomachus 70 mdlusk 68
Dalai Luke 6 57 tied with 5 Realist Larry 70 NorthStar99 68
DCB* 6 49 tied with 4 spur_for_life 70 Sean N 68
EchoEcho 6 21 tied with 3 Tallgrass Prairie 70 TheDemolitionDan 68
Gabby 6 13 tied with 2 Tennessee_Jed 70 13 tied with 67

You requested, and I have begun to list a comparison of our scores to previous years. Again, I don't have access to KD's 2010 records, but I can provide that comparison to 2011 and 2012. However, the different bye schedules, and the different week-to-week difficulties make a direct comparison fairly difficult.

Because of the way I maintain my records, it would be very time consuming to recreate 2011 and 2012 leaderboards after week #9. Rather than do that, I will name some of the top scores here, and give the links to my FanPosts from those weeks, so you can see my tables from 2011 - Week #10 and 2012 - Week #10.

Top scores after week #10 in 2011:

  • 72 - illcowboy,
  • 71 - Jebediah Flibberbrush, qbfannn (CowboyBaby)
  • 70 - wittenfan
  • 69 - BishopWest

Top scores after week #10 in 2012:

  • 73 - CowboyBaby
  • 72 - BishopWest, D_Carter
  • 71 - Hawkeye101 (Yellowbeard), hookerhome (yes, me), KD Drummond, mdlusk
  • 70 - ChrisMan, krikaley, Tennessee_Jed, Travlr, ziggy 19

I have begun posting two weeks' worth of schedules each week. That way - like this week - you won't have to wait for my FanPost or KD's new page to make the next week's picks.

You who complain about having to include the Cowboys game each week - here's your week. This is the one time this season (including playoffs - I earn my sig) that you don't have to include the Cowboys game in your picks.

If you wish to make early picks on here for either weeks #11 or #12, I ask you honor these guidelines:

  • Put what you are picking in the subject line (Week #11 - Thursday, Week #12, etc.). That will help me tremendously.
  • Make your winners bold. The easiest way is to use asterisks before and after your selection. For example, Dallas at *NEW YORK GIANTS* will look like Dallas at NEW YORK GIANTS; or, *Dallas* at NEW YORK GIANTS will look like Dallas at NEW YORK GIANTS.
  • Be sure to pick the Cowboys game. This is mandatory.[EXCEPTION - week #11 is the Cowboys' bye, so no mandatory pick in week #11]
  • Once you have made your ten selections, please delete the other games. That makes my life easier when I am tabulating close to two hundred picks each week.
  • Please don't pick the Thursday night game after it has kicked off (or, worse, include it in picks that you post on Saturday or Sunday morning).
  • When KD puts up his new contest page, please stop posting picks on here and post them on KD's page. It is easier on me if only one page is actively posting picks. However, I still all active 10-for-10 pages (KD's and mine) and will record your picks, wherever they are posted. There is no need to double-post.


WEEK #11 (only fifteen games):

** Dallas bye week (no mandatory pick this week) **

Thursday, November 14:

Indianapolis at TENNESSEE

Sunday, November 17:

New York Jets at BUFFALO

Baltimore at CHICAGO

Cleveland at CINCINNATI

Oakland at HOUSTON


Washington at PHILADELPHIA


Atlanta at TAMPA BAY

San Diego at MIAMI

San Francisco at NEW ORLEANS


Minnesota at SEATTLE

Kansas City at DENVER

Monday, November 18

New England at CAROLINA


If you wish to make early picks on any or all week #12 games, here is that list:

WEEK #12 (only fourteen games):

Thursday, November 21:

New Orleans at ATLANTA

Sunday, November 24:

New York Jets at BALTIMORE

Pittsburgh at CLEVELAND

Tampa Bay at DETROIT

Minnesota at GREEN BAY

Jacksonville at HOUSTON

San Diego at KANSAS CITY

Carolina at MIAMI

Chicago at ST. LOUIS

Indianapolis at ARIZONA

Tennessee at OAKLAND

Dallas at NEW YORK GIANTS (mandatory; must include)


Monday, November 25:

San Francisco at WASHINGTON

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.