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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Cowboys Use Bye Week To Heal And Regroup

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Cowboys preaching calm after pre-bye blowout -
The Cowboys will use the bye to heal and regroup, say LB Ernie Sims.

"Obviously some of our leaders are hurt, but we want to continue to move forward with this season," Sims said. "I think this bye week is great for us. Our leaders can get some rest and we can heal up and lick our wounds."

Jerry Jones on Cowboys offense: 'I don't think we're far away' - Tim MacMahon, ESPN Dallas
A few tweaks here and a couple of adjustments there, and the Dallas Cowboys' offense should be just fine, according to Jerry Jones. MacMahon argues that with the numbers the Cowboys offense has put up so far, especially on 3rd down where they rank 30th in the league, some pretty dramatic adjustments might be called for.

Dallas Cowboys point to third-down failures as reason for offensive struggles - Rainer Sabin, DMN
The best way to improve the historically inept Cowboys defense is to keep it off the field altogether. But for that, the offense has to be able to stay on the field, and with the league's third worst 3rd down conversion rate, that isn't happening nearly enough.

"In the last few days, we’ve done a lot of research on third down," offensive coordinator Bill Callahan said. "We’ve broken it down into every category imaginable. We’ve looked at protections. We’ve looked at formations. We’ve looked at any kind of tendency we’ve created. We’ve looked at every route we’re using, utilizing. So, without going any further into that, we’ve looked at every aspect.

"And we’ve got to do a better job as coaches, players, we all have to do a better job and come up with a better plan to put guys in positions. That’s really the crux of it."

Jerry Jones hasn't recovered from Saints blowout, but playoffs still the focus - Clarence Hill, Star-Telegram
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that he still hasn't recovered from last Sunday's blowout loss to the Saints. But that doesn't change the Cowboys' season goals: win the division, make the playoffs and go from there.

"We got six more games," Jones said. "It's before us if we want to take it. That's the way we should look at it. It would be wrong to look at the past weekend and count it out and say, 'That's the way we are'."

Need a semi to stop Rod Marinelli - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Archer writes that confidence might be an issue for some, but not defensive line coach Rod Marinelli.

"I think if you have a belief and it's tested and you crack with that, then it's not a belief. You better get a big old semi to run over me and it better be three times because it ain't changing," Rod Marinelli said on how he coaches. "I believe in what I do so hard and so well. I’ll tell you when I was in Detroit that was a great experience for me because it’s what I believed in and it didn’t work and I never lost confidence," said Marinelli, whose Lions were 0-16 in 2008. "I never lost faith. I went to Chicago and I kept working. I think if you have a belief and it’s tested and you crack with that, then it’s not a belief. You better get a big old semi to run over me and it better be three times because it ain’t changing."

DeMarco Murray says Dez Bryant is the most caring, giving person in Cowboys’ locker room - Shutdown Corner
Murray said that the emotionally charged Bryant is one of the most misunderstood players he has played with. "We know how much he loves football," Murray said.

"We’re not concerned with everyone else. He’s the most caring, giving guy on the team … on any team I have been on. He thinks about his teammates first always, and like everyone else, he just wants to win."

"If [Bryant] isn't concerned about how people see him, then we're not. He just wants to win so badly, and that's all that matters."

Dallas Cowboys' Dez Bryant buys everyone in Walmart line PlayStation 4 - Daily Mail Online
Dez Bryant walked into a Dallas Walmart on Thursday and bought a PS4 for each of the lucky four customers in line, and one for himself. As a result, he makes the headlines in a British newspaper.

Jason Garrett preaches patience with Gavin Escobar - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Garett explains that Gavin Escobar has had a difficult time getting playing time because the team is stacked with playmakers. But that was already clear before the draft, Archer writes, and "that speaks to the decision-making in taking a tight end in the second round."

Dallas Cowboys LBs Bruce Carter, Ernie Sims fined for penalties against New Orleans Saints - Brandon George, DMN
Carter (horse-collar tackle) and Sims (facemask) were each fined by the NFL for their penalties against the Saints.


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