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Cowboys Poll: Playoffs Or No Playoffs

It's a simple question, will the Cowboys make the NFL playoffs in 2013?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Here during the bye week, as we dissect the Cowboys recent performance and lament the state it has left us in, we ponder a simple question. Will the Cowboys make the playoffs in 2013? At this point, the Cowboys still lead the NFC East on the strength of a tie-breaker with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Cowboys and the Eagles remaining schedule:

Dallas Philadelphia
@ Giants vs. Redskins
vs. Raiders vs. Cardinals
@ Bears vs. Lions
vs. Packers @ Vikings
@ Redskins vs. Bears
vs. Eagles @ Cowboys

The Cowboys could win the NFC East, or they could conceivably win a wild-card spot. How the NFC contenders look before Sunday's games:

Seattle 9-1
New Orleans 7-2
Detroit 6-3
Carolina 6-3
San Francisco 6-3
Arizona 5-4
Chicago 5-4
Green Bay 5-4
Dallas 5-5
Philadelphia 5-5

So, will Dallas make the playoffs? Answer the poll below then hit the comments and give us your thoughts.

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