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Jason Garrett Asserting More Control Over Offense

Prior to the season, many saw the move to name Bill Callahan as the offensive play-caller to be a positive sign, but as the season has progressed many have started to rethink that opinion, perhaps that even includes the team itself.

Christian Petersen

Although Jason Garrett has stated that he will not be stripping playcalling duties from offensive coordinator Bill Callahan, he clearly needs to take some steps that will save his own position as the Dallas Cowboys head coach. The fact that he is actually running offensive drills himself, and that he is the one running around Valley Ranch with the play sheet in his hand serves as a strong indicator that Garrett is once again stamping more of his influence on the offensive gameplan. As Todd Archer of ESPNDallas has recently observed, Jason is using most of his time during the bye week to focus on the area of the game that he once directed.

Instead of bouncing around to other areas during the portion of practice open to the media, Garrett has been with the offense more. He's offered more individual and group instruction as well.

Perhaps that is a good thing, the strategy that the team has used thus far in 2013 clearly is not working out. Under the direct control of the head coach, the Dallas offense had never finished any worse than 13th in the league for total yardage; this season, under Callahan, the Cowboys rank 19th. The 2013 edition of the once explosive Dallas offense is also ranked 28th in the league for its third down efficiency, and for the team to rebound and make a run at the NFCEast crown, that is going to have to improve dramatically. That means that Jason Garrett must take the initiative and right the ship himself. After all, his job could be riding on the choices he makes over the next six weeks. Still he knows that he has to avoid going from one extreme to another.

"We don’t want to overanalyze and overreact to certain situations. We’ve done some good things on offense and we like the structure we have in place. We have to, as a coaching staff, simply do a better job. Everybody. Everybody has a piece of that. We just have to do a better job helping our offense be better."- Jason Garrett

The secret is going to be for Garrett to find a happy balance; maintaining what the team has done well while at the same time correcting the areas where they have struggled. There are several jobs on the Dallas coaching staff that hang in the balance, waiting on the results of what the team has attempted during the bye week. Will the moves being made be enough? Only time will tell.

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