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Entering The Home Stretch: A Look At The NFC East

Roughly two-thirds complete, the 2013 NFL season is getting ready down the home stretch and the Eastern Division of the National Football Conference is still up for grabs.

Eli Face: The Nick Foles Edition
Eli Face: The Nick Foles Edition
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants (4-6)

Green Bay Packers 13
New York Giants 27

NEXT UP: Home against the Dallas Cowboys

Giants vs Cowboys: Exciting Week Begins For Giants Fans Ed Valentine, Big Blue View

"This is Dallas and New York, this is always going to be a big game. Games like this you can throw the records out. I can honestly say that we don’t like each other and it shows up on the football field so I think it’s going to be another one of those drag-out type of games where you get in for four quarters and try to find a way to win it." - Justin Tuck

Nothing more needs to be said. This is an important week for both teams, and come Sunday war will be declared on the surface of MetLife Stadium. In the words of Jason Pierre-Paul " "There's going to be a lot of blood spilled out there."

For NY Giants, Jason Pierre-Paul Returning To Old Form Could Be A Game Changer Ralph Vacchiano, NY Daily News

In addition to making some comments that were clearly intended to draw a response from the Dallas Cowboys, JPP has also been getting it done on the gridiron as of late. After being impacted by off-season back surgery which caused him to miss training camp, Pierre-Paul is beginning to assert himself as a factor on the Giants defense.

Hard-charging New York Giants Are The Hottest Team In The NFC East David Steele, The Sporting News

The reason is simple: The Giants are not the same team that began the season 0-6—on offense, on defense or at quarterback, all of which were catastrophic problems earlier. They are not only playing differently, a key handful of them are different players. That could be enough reason to take the Giants seriously—and be on watch for them to win a division that’s begging to be taken.

Now, Blue Streak Gets Tougher To Maintain Dan Graziano, ESPN

Dan Graziano, who now covers the Giants beat for ESPN interrupts the euphoria of New York fans with a dose of reality. The G-men may be on a four game winning streak, but they have not beaten anyone yet; even the Packers were without Aaron Rodgers when they visited New York.

From here on out, Eli Manning won't be the best quarterback on the field just because he showed up. The quarterbacks remaining on the Giants' schedule are Tony Romo, Robert Griffin III, Philip Rivers, Russell Wilson, Matthew Stafford and Griffin again. All have their flaws, but they're all obviously much better than the guys the Giants have beaten over the past month. Which means the defense will be tested to an extent it has not been tested in some time.

Graziano summarizes that New York is going to have to be much better, on both sides of the ball, if they expect to continue their winning ways.

Washington Redskins (3-7)

Washington Redskins 16
Philadelphia Eagles 24

Next Up: At the San Francisco 49ers on Monday night

What Does Mike Shanahan Have To Do To Keep His Job? Steve Shoup, Hogs Haven

While the debate has begun in Dallas over the fate of Jason Garrett and various members of his staff, the man in Washington is also on a hot seat. Our friends over at Hogs Haven are now discussing the future of the coaching staff, and for some reason it seems very similar to some of the conversations that are taking place among those of us who follow the Star.

Report: Shanahan Wanted Tannehill, Not RGIII CBS DC

Well, I have been hinting at some troubles in the relationship between QB and head coach all season long. Looks like we are getting some back story now.

Redskins vs Eagles: Washington Falls to 3-7 And Angry, Confused Players Can't Explain Why Kent Babb, Washington Post

"Frustration, disappointment, sadness — I was about to cry on the sideline, man. I just don’t understand where we’re falling apart at, you know?" - DeAngelo Hall

Reading through Babb's details about what is taking place in the Washington Redskins locker room might be a good place for you to start, Mr. Hall.

Trent Williams: Ump Cursed Me Out John Keim, ESPN

I can only remember two situations where an NFL official has been openly accused of unprovoked verbal abuse, and coincidentally the other situation stems from last season when Williams' teammate, DeAngelo Hall, tried to justify his verbal assault on head linesman Dana McKenzie. This time it was umpire Roy Ellison who has become the target of the Washington Redskins' allegations. It is going to be interesting to see how this turns out; NFL Films had several Washington offensive linemen miked up for the game, so there is a good chance that the league will have solid proof, one way or the other.

Philadelphia Eagles (6-5)

Washington Redskins 16
Philadelphia Eagles 24

Next Up: Bye Week

Eagles Relieved To Break Home Losing Streak Brandon Lee Gowton, Bleeding Green Nation

No longer will Eagles fans have to remember the date of September 30, 2012. Entering today's match, that was the last time the Philadelphia Eagles won at home. Since then, there were 10 straight home losses. That streak ended today when the Eagles beat their division rival Washington Redskins, 24-16.

Oh, well. Chipper had to win at home sooner or later.

How Much Of It Is The System? Tim McManus, Birds 24/7

Is it fair to call this a quarterback-friendly system?

"I would say nine times this year yes, two times this year no," Kelly quipped.

There is evidence to support the case. But as Kelly said, the system is nothing if the quarterback can’t execute.

Well, is it or isn't it?

Making Sense Of The Eagles Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz

A 6-5 record isn’t very compelling. They haven’t played a great schedule or beaten any top flight teams. You can easily make the case that this Eagles team is basically a step above mediocre.


This team also is doing some unusual things. Some really impressive things.

As Lawlor concludes his article, "This isn't your normal 6-5 team."

The Eagles 2012 and 2013 Draft Classes Could Be The Franchise's Foundation JimmyK,

Old friend Jimmy Kempski gives us a breakdown of the kind of young talent that the Eagles have acquired over the past two drafts and why this could be a matter of serious concern for the rest of the NFC East.

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