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Cowboys Leaders Step Forward With Their Expectations

Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware think they know what the Dallas Cowboys need to do to assert themselves as the NFL season winds to a close, and they are not being shy in addressing the issue.

Jim McIsaac

Dallas Cowboys veteran players DeMarcus Ware and Jason Witten stepped forward recently with their thoughts on what they and their teammates need to do for the Cowboys to turn things around.

For starters, Ware has stated that the team has to regain the mindset that it has at the onset of the 2013 season.

"I went back and looked at when we played the Giants, when we played the Rams, games we played earlier, our demeanor in how we played," Ware said. "We’ve got to play that way like we started off real strong, and I think us having this bye week right now we got to sort of think about, ‘OK, what got us to where we are and how can we get that back after this bye week and push forward that mentality for the rest of the season.’" -DeMarcus Ware

I, for one, would agree with Ware. When the Cowboys started the season, they seemed to have a little bit of an attitude about them, a swagger that seems woefully missing over recent weeks. Sure there were gaping lapses in how they played, but the team had an air of determination about it.

While Ware was addressing the attitude that the team brings to the game, Witten stressed the need for the team to focus itself on what they have to do over the next six weeks.

"People always say you got to have a tunnel vision with your approach. I agree with that 100 percent. But there is a big picture; you have to understand that and where you are at. There is a mentality that says we have to play our best football and here is what it comes down to. These next six games are going to determine a lot of stuff." - Jason Witten

The tight end also encouraged his colleagues not to dwell on what has already happened and instead highlighted what they need to build on what they have.

"The reality of it is you think about this game and that game, but I think you have to stay away from that as players and focus on now."

What's done is done, and the Cowboys need to accept that fact and move on. Both men know that it is up to the players who have been around the league to guide the younger guys in the proper direction. Each is encouraging their teammates to learn from the past and then channel those lessons into making sure that the future is something better. That is what real leaders do.


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