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Jones Says Garrett Is Cowboys Coach In 2014, But No Way That's Definitive

It's the story you will see everywhere today about the Dallas Cowboys, but does anybody seriously take this as an iron-clad guarantee?

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Jerry Jones said it so it must be true! As loyal Cowboys fans, we know how comical that sentence sounds, even when discussing something Jerry said about himself. He is very capable of saying one thing and doing another when he desires that to happen. That covers all kinds of subjects that Jerry offers declarative statements about.

In this case, Mr. Jones made this declaration to reporters today.

Jones said Jason Garrett returning as head coach in 2014 does not hinge on making the playoffs this year. And when asked directly if Garrett would be the coach next year, Jones emphatically said, "yes."

"It's not that (an Armageddon year) for Jason, and I'm disappointed that we don't have a better record," Jones said. "But he has got us in position to win the division and got a team here that I firmly believe has the ability to be one of the better-playing teams at the end and in position to get in the playoffs. We see logically how to get in the playoffs, we have that, for all practical purposes, in our control. Now that's a pretty good spot to be in after 10 games. And so a lot of this story is to be played out. It does not have a bearing on whether or not he will be our coach next year."

Please. Does anybody, anywhere, actually believe that if this season tanked and the team went 0-6 over these last games that Garrett wouldn't get the boot? Even 1-5 might get us there, possibly 2-4 depending on how we play, who we beat and how the players are talking about the coach at the end of that time.

The point is, Jerry can say "Jason Garrett will be the coach of the Cowboys in 2014 no matter what happens" all he wants - but nobody really believes that "no matter what happens" part, not even Jerry. He's always been an optimist, he always thinks the Cowboys are just around the corner from greatness. So he can't seriously envision a scenario where the Cowboys totally crater and end the season as a major disaster.

This statement is really a piece of encouragement for Jason, and maybe an attempt to get everybody to relax a bit. It's also Jerry being optimistic (there's that word again) that he made the right choice in hiring Garrett. Some of this is show for the team, some of it is show for Jerry.

But don't believe for a minute that Jerry can't change his mind about firing a coach after publicly declaring with absolute certainty that it won't happen. Just ask Wade Phillips.

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