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Report: Cowboys To Change Play-Calling Routine On Sidelines For Giants Game

Jason Garrett didn't grab the play-calling duties back from Bill Callahan, but he definitely inserted himself into the process if recent reports prove to be true.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Over at ESPN, Ed Werder is reporting that the Cowboys will be altering their play-calling routine for the Giants game. The plays will now be called by Bill Callhan from the booth and relayed to Jason Garrett on the sideline. Previously those calls went to quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson, but for this week at least Wilson will be bumped up to the booth and Garrett will be relaying the plays to Tony Romo. This will allow Garrett to either stick with what Callahan is calling or make changes if he chooses, it will also allow him to be in Romo's ear all game.

This feels like a half-move for Garrett, while not fully taking over the play-calling duties, he's at least allowing himself some control over the process and to get as involved as he chooses throughout the game. He will also be able to relay his thoughts to Romo as an offensive drive is happening. While not a full rebuke of the job Callahan has been doing, it definitely gives one the idea that Garrett hasn't been fully happy with the way things have gone on offense with respect to the play-calling. Even though Jerry Jones says Garret's job isn't on the line, it's easy to imagine Garrett is feeling the pressure anyway and wants to influence the outcome of the final six games as much as he possibly can.

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