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Cowboys 24 - Giants 21: Giants Talk The Talk, Dallas Walks The Walk

It was one of those days when Dallas fans were not able to get comfortable; but in the end the Cowboys never trailed as they swept the New York Football Giants.

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Again, it wasn't pretty, but very few NFC East games should be considered a thing of beauty. The weather at MetLife Stadium matched the product that the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants put down on the playing surface. From the Victor Cruz fumble that Jeff Heath took to the house, to the boneheaded play (or non-play) that he and Bruce Carter had when they failed to down their man as he laid untouched, instead allowing him to get up and score unmolested; it was a dismal showing. Or was it?

I saw some things that I have been looking to see from the team. First, for the first time in a long while, Dallas seemed dedicated to force feeding Dez Bryant. Yes there were some times when he seemed to spit it back out, but the commitment was there from the coaches and the quarterback. Another bright spot was the effort put forth by Kyle Wilber (or Wilberforce, if you prefer). After being moved from OLB in the Rob Ryan 3-4 to DE in Monte Kiffin's 4-3, Wilber again found himself in the linebacker role, thanks to injuries to Sean Lee and Justin Durant. He responded by delivering some big stops at critical times. Against the Giants, he lived up to the Jason Garrett mantra of next man up.

Speaking of the Cowboys head coach, I thought Garrett himself had a good game. In addition to his duties as head coach, he assumed the duty of relaying the plays in to Tony Romo. Did he change some of Bill Callahan's calls? I doubt we will ever know, but the gameplan was solid; it was the execution that was suspect. With Garrett being reported as having gotten more involved in the offense over the past two weeks, he gets the lion's share of the credit. He also managed the game well. On the Bryant non-catch, Garrett did all he could to get the play reviewed. He called the timeout and made sure the booth had time to review the play. Inside two minutes to play, that was all he could do.

While the finished product wasn't anything I want to see replayed anytime soon, I did see some significant positive signs. Now it remains to be seen if the Cowboys will build on that, or will they regress to what we have witnessed far to frequently? Only time will tell. The one thing I know for certain is that the gums that were flapping through the week were silenced on Sunday evening. There are no style points in the NFL, all wins count the same, and I will be satisfied by what the Cowboys gave us.

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