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NFL Power Rankings (Week 13): Seahawks Soar, Chiefs Crumble, Colts Collapse

There's lots of movement in our power rankings this week, as some teams lost ground and other teams gained ground in the playoff race heading into Week 13.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs tumble out of the top five in our rankings, while the Seahawks claim the top spot ahead of the Broncos and Saints.

At the bottom of the rankings you'll find not one, not two, but three teams that have gone from first to worst in their division: The Redskins, Falcons and Texans all won their divisions last year and now find themselves in last place in their divisions.

RANK TEAM W/L Power_rankings_logo_medium MOVE (LW)
Sea_medium 10-1 If the Cowboys don't make it to the Super Bowl, you know, just on the off chance, I can't think of any matchup I'd like to see more than Seattle and Denver. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (2)
2 Den_medium 9-2 Everyone may be talking about Peyton Manning, but the real story is that this may be the best team he has ever had around him. And somehow I don't think the Broncos would care about cold weather in New Jersey. (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (1)
No_medium 9-2 The Saints face the Seahawks once and the Panthers twice in the next four weeks. The schedule makers set up a couple of games that could be really great to watch as the Saints and panthers battle for the NFC South crown. (Tom) (3)
Ne_medium 8-3 You can never write off the Pats while Tom Brady is quarterback. Ever. Ask the Broncos. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (5)
Car_medium 8-3 I didn't give much credence to the people who said that the Panthers were going to be much improved. Shows how stupid I am. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (6)
6 Kc_medium 9-2 After winning nine straight, Andy and the Chiefs are trying something a little different; now they are on a two game losing streak It will be tough to right the ship in the rematch against Peyton Manning and the Broncos. (D-Mac) Rd-arrow-down_medium (4)
7 Cin_medium 7-4 Coming off of their bye this week, the Bengals have to be looking over their shoulders. The Pittsburgh Steelers have turned it on of late and the Bengals have a brutal remaining schedule. (D-Mac) Gn-arrow-up_medium (8)
8 Sf_medium 7-4 The 49ers began the weekend ranked last in the NFL in passing yards, and a loss would have dealt the defending NFC Champion's playoff hopes a heavy blow. But the 49ers came through against the Redskins, with Kaepernick passing for 235 yards, the first time he's passed for more than 200 yards in the last five games. (OCC)
Gn-arrow-up_medium (9)
Ari_medium 7-4 One of the hottest teams in the league right now, and pretty much under the radar. It is not too far fetched to think that both wildcards could come out of the NFC West, and 'zona is looking good at the moment. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (12)
10 Ind_medium 7-4 The Colts are starting to look like a team that people are figuring out. Andrew Luck, just weeks ago hailed as the next big thing at QB, is suddenly looking very vulnerable. And the way they got shredded proves that it takes a team to win, or lose. (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (7)
Dal_medium 6-5 POW POW POW!!! [KD] Gn-arrow-up_medium (15)
12 Phi_medium 6-5 Philly entered their bye week with a half game lead in the NFC East. By the time they take the field again, they could find themselves trailing by a half game. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch. (D-Mac) Gn-arrow-up_medium (13)
13 Sd_medium 5-6 Phillip Rivers and the Chargers hung the second straight loss on the KC Chiefs. Things are looking up for Mike McCoy's charges. (D-Mac) Gn-arrow-up_medium (18)
Det_medium 6-5 The Lions should be walking away with the division since they are the only team that has their starting quarterback playing at the moment. But two losses have put their lead in peril. The weakness of their remaining schedule might save them - but the last loss was to the Buccaneers. It would be nice if they could beat the Eagles and the Redskins. (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (10)
15 Chi_medium 6-5 Still reeling from the Jay Cutler injury, the biggest problem for the Bears are the errors. They gave up three turnovers and a 65 yard run for a score. Detroit has left the door open, but it is an open question whether they can take advantage. (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (11)
16 Gb_medium 5-5-1 You can't replace a QB like Aaron Rodgers, but the back-ups that the Pack have trotted out there haven't even come close. If he can possibly go for the Thanksgiving Day game, the Packers need to take the chance to stop their bleeding. Heck, they couldn't beet the Vikings. (D-Mac) Rd-arrow-down_medium (14)
17 Bal_medium 5-6 With the Ravens and Steelers meeting on Thursday night, Baltimore finds itself in position to fight their way back to the playoffs if they can get past their bitter foe. (D-Mac) Gn-arrow-up_medium (21)
18 Stl_medium 5-6 Suddenly, the Rams are putting some wins together. They may get shut out by being in the NFC's toughest divisoin, by far, but they are earning some respect, and no one had better overlook them. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (24)
19 Ten_medium 5-6 With things as wide open for the wildcard in the AFC, that one game winning streak gives them hope. But with Denver and a surging Arizona team next on their schedule, they have a tough road. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (20)
Pit_medium 5-6 This is not the same Pittsburgh team that started the season with a long losing streak. They believe they can still win the AFC North, and the schedule works in their favor. (D-Mac) Gn-arrow-up_medium (25)
21 Mia_medium 5-6 There are six teams in the AFC at 5-6, and in a tie for the second wildcard spot. The Dolphins find themselves still in the thick of the race. And I defy anyone who thinks they can figure out which conference is weaker. (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (16)
22 Nyj_medium 5-6 The Jets are, by their W-L record, in the hunt for the last playoff spot in the AFC. They have a -101 point differential. It makes no sense to me, either. (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (17)
23 Oak_medium 4-7 They are one of only five teams in the AFC that is not at least tied for the last playoff spot. Hopefully, the Cowboys can add to their woes on Thanksgiving. (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (22)
Cle_medium 4-7 Cleveland made us think they might be turning a corner, but now they are regressing. At least they got Indy's first round pick as a consolation prize. (D-Mac) Rd-arrow-down_medium (19)
25 Buf_medium 3-7 Another year, and the Bills are at the bottom of their division. Not eliminated mathematically, but their chances are slim to the point of transparency. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (26)
26 Nyg_medium 4-7 The Giants spent the week talking the talk; on Sunday Dallas walked the talk. 'Nuff said. (D-Mac) Rd-arrow-down_medium (23)
27 Tb_medium 3-8 Amazingly, the Buccaneers may be playing good enough to save Greg Schiano's job. Which seems very counterproductive. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (28)
28 Was_medium 3-8 It came out that RGIII hates to have his bad plays shown in film sessions. This season must really suck for him. Mike Shanahan may end up last in the division for the third time in his four-year tenure in Washington. (D-Mac) Rd-arrow-down_medium (27)
29 Min_medium 2-8-1 The Vikings at least have made a convincing argument that they are just as good as an Aaron Rodgers-less Green Bay team. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (30)
30 Jac_medium 2-9 Come on, guys. You are about to screw up your chances to move to Los Angeles or London if you keep playing like a football team. Think about what you are doing. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (32)
31 Hou_medium 2-9 In a collapse of near epic proportions, the Texans have taken over the race to pick first in the draft. This was a team seen as having an excellent chance of playing in February, and now they may be the worst in the league. You hate to kick a team when they are down. Well, you should. (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (29)
32 Atl_medium 2-9 At the beginning of the season, the Falcons were one of the favorites to represent the NFC in the Superbowl. Like the Texans, they have demonstrated clearly how pointless most preseason predictions are. (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (31)


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