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Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: How Halftime Adjustments Helped The Cowboys Win

Latest Dallas Cowboys headlines: The offense found success once they ditched the 12 personnel package against the Raiders, Cowboys enjoy four-day break before stretch run, and Dez Bryant expects to get an earful from WR Coach Dooley when they review film.

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Bob's Blog - The Morning After: Cowboys 31, Raiders 24 - Bob Sturm
Sturm ruminates on the differences between the first and second half on Thursday, and concludes that the Cowboys found success when they ditched the 12 personnel package in favor of 11 personnel. As you read through Sturm's account of how the Raiders blitzed the Cowboys' 12 personnel into submission on both passing and running plays, how the 11 personnel forced the Raiders into a nickel defense and how that opened up room for the Cowboys run game, you've got to wonder why you're not reading this type of analysis from other outlets.

Scout’s Notebook: Defensive Coaches Adjust On the Run - Bryan Broaddus,
Just like Sturm looked at the offense, Broaddus looks at the defensive adjustments made in the second half that helped hold the Raiders to just three points on Thursday. Better pressure from their front seven and tighter man coverage seem to have done the trick for the Cowboys.

Cheers to Tony Romo's rise, jeers to OT ignorance -
In the latest edition of the Around The League End Around, Dan Hanzus looks back on a week of NFL activity and concludes that it was a good week for Tony Romo.

Romo led the Cowboys to a pair of wins in four days, playing through flu-like conditions to beat the Raiders on Thanksgiving. The Cowboys are in first place entering December. Is this the year they finally hang on?

Game-day illnesses can be kept off injury report - ProFootballTalk
The NFL doesn't require teams to disclose illnesses that surface on gameday, like Tony Romo's flu-like symptoms. PFT tries to construct an argument that if gamblers had had access to this information, they would have taken the Raiders and the nine or so points. Weak sauce, considering that Romo finished the game with a 101.7 passer rating.

Cowboys will start stretch run after another break - NFL -
Because the Cowboys don't play the Bears until Monday, they get a a 10-day break with four days off. That means another four-day break just two weeks after getting one for their bye.

Has Kyle Wilber found a spot? - Todd Archer, ESPN Dallas
Kyle Wilber moved to strongside linebacker for the last two games and has played well, prompting Archer to wonder whether the Cowboys may have finally found a position for Kyle Wilber.

"I think he played 25 plays in the game last week against the Giants and had 24 production points," Garrett said. "That doesn't mean anything to you guys but that was a really positive performance. He was around the ball a lot ... He is certainly still learning the position. He doesn't always pull the trigger as quick as he needs to just because he hasn't seen the looks as much, but he is playing better and better."

Dez Bryant not attacking end zone on fourth-quarter catch - Carlos Mendez, Star-Telegram
Dez Bryant expects to get an earful from WR Coach Dooley when they review film showing him on a second-and-goal from the 7-yard line in the fourth quarter, where he should have run for the pylon but instead tried to juke cornerback Phillip Adams. Unsuccessfully.

"No doubt. No doubt. I screwed it up," he said. "I don’t know why I didn’t keep attacking. I should have kept running outside, and I didn’t. I know I’m going to hear it from Coach Dooley. He’s going to keep rewinding. Coach Dooley’s all about north and south."

Report: Cowboys RB Lance Dunbar Out For The Season - Blogging The Boys
According to Cowboys insider and former scout Bryan Broaddus, Dallas running back Lance Dunbar has played the final snap of his 2013 season.

Losing Lance Dunbar hurts Dallas Cowboys in many ways - Calvin Watkins, ESPN Dallas
The Cowboys lost their of pace back in Dunbar, and are now down to three backs in Murray, Tanner and Randle who all have similar styles.

Jerry Jones' 1995 Risk Allows The Dallas Cowboys To Become Leaders In The Growing Women's Sports Apparel Market - Forbes
This article details how Jones took on the entire NFL in order to retain the right for the Cowboys to enter into their own licensing agreements, and how the Cowboys continue to lead the NFL in their licencing capabilities, most recently in women's sports apparel. Charlotte Jones Anderson, who runs the business, sounds just like her father when she summarizes:

"Taking a step into a market that is more luxury-oriented, like women’s apparel, was thought to have more risk behind it. People didn’t have the cojones to jump in and try something if it wasn’t going to work," Jones Anderson said.

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