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CFB Open Thread: Huge Matchups Abound!

it's put up or shut up day around the nation!

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

it doesn't get much better than this. Two-time defending champion and top-ranked Alabama goes on the road to try and keep it's national title hopes in tact against their bitter rivals, the upstart Auburn Tigers. Auburn has shocked the world with their 10-1 season, and a victory over Alabama in The Iron Bowl, along with a victory in the SEC Championship game, could actually allow them to hurdle Ohio State into the National Championship game via the BCS standings.

Everything will be on the line starting at 330pm Eastern.

But that's not the only scintilating matchup today.

Sixth-ranked Clemson and the 10th-ranked South Carolina Gamecocks battle for state supremacy across conference lines. With three other matchups between Top 25 teams, you can get your fill of leftovers from Thanksgiving with a buffet of main courses throughout the day.

Today's Top Matchups:

No. 1 Alabama at No. 4 Auburn, 330pm ET
No. 21 Texas A&M at No. 5 Missouri, 745pm ET
No. 6 Clemson at No. 10 South Carolina, 700pm ET
No. 25 Notre Dame at No. 8 Stanford, 700pm ET
No. 22 UCLA at No. 23 USC, 800pm ET

Consider this your open thread for all of the collegiate action today. Whether it be the games, the Heisman Trophy race or draft prospects for Dallas... fire away!

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