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NFL Power Rankings (Week 10): Chiefs And Broncos Top, Saints and Packers Drop

The three best teams in the NFL heading into Week 10 are the Chiefs, Broncos and Seahawks. The Saints and Packers drop a few spots.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Chiefs and Broncos remain at the top of the NFL Power Rankings, but there's a lot of movement as the Saints and Packers drop, while the re-energized Patriots and the high-scoring Panthers move up.

RANK TEAM W/L Power_rankings_logo_medium MOVE (LW)
Kc_medium 9-0 We can talk all we want about whether they are a "good" 9-0. To my mind, there is no bad 9-0. This defense is legit. (Rabble) (1)
2 Den_medium 7-1 The Broncos are enjoying their bye this weekend, and all the talk in Denver is about the Week 11 game against the Chiefs. Only problem with that is they have to travel to San Diego for their Week 10 game first.
Sea_medium 8-1 The 0-8 Buccaneers almost had the upset of the year in Seattle, but the Seahawks cam back from a 21-point deficit to win by a field goal in overtime. A win is a win, for the Seahawks and for any other team that won in an ugly fashion. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (4)
Ne_medium 7-2 Once again, we see the Patriots getting better and gaining momentum as the season progresses. Apparently, their coaching staff does its job...(Rabble) Gn-arrow-up_medium (9)
Sf_medium 6-2 They got Aldon Smith back this week. As if they needed any more help. (OCC) (5)
6 Ind_medium 6-2 Andrew Luck's incredible string of, well, luck, continues as he recorded his tenth game-winning drive in the fourth quarter or overtime, the most in a quarterback's first two seasons in over 40 years. (OCC) (6)
7 No_medium 6-2 Ufffff. Geno Smith completed just eight passes against the Saints, while Drew Brees threw for 382 yards on 51 attempts. The Jets also ran the ball 36 times, while the Saints tried their luck on the ground just 13 times. In the end it worked out better for the Jets. (OCC) Rd-arrow-down_medium (3)
8 Cin_medium 6-3 The high-flying Bengals saw their four-game winning streak come to an abrupt end against the Dolphins, a team that had lost all four of its previous games. After an exhilarating 49-9 win against the Jets the week before and a trip to division rival Baltimore next week, it's safe to assume that the Bengals did not heed the advice of Admiral Ackbar. (OCC) (8)
Car_medium 5-3 The Panthers are emerging as an NFC favorite, sporting the conference's best points differential (+98) after blowing out the Falcons for their fourth straight win. (Rabble) Gn-arrow-up_medium (12)
10 Det_medium 5-3 Can this team really contend for a NFC North title? Who knows, but having a healthy starting QB is definitely a plus and ranks them ahead of the Packers and Bears. For now. (OCC). (10)
Gb_medium 5-3 Things are in a bit of a holding pattern until there is firm word on Aaron Rodger's injury. It may or may not be a minor injury, but if it isn't, this team isn't going anywhere with Seneca Wallace. Their record says they should probably be a top ten team. Aaron Rodgers' shoulder says they shouldn't be, so they drop out of the top ten. (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (7)
12 Dal_medium 5-4 The Cowboys are 3-1 over their last four games, are tied in wins with the NFC North leader and are just one win behind three other division leaders. That can't be all that bad. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (14)
13 Chi_medium 5-3 The Bears won the battle of the backup quarterbacks against the Packers and now find themselves in a three-way tie for fist place in the NFC North. Hard to evaluate until Jay Cutler comes back. Josh McCown is, well, Josh McCown. (Tom) (13)
Nyj_medium 5-4 The Jets have alternated wins and losses for the first nine games, and that lack of consistency sees them losing to the Bengals by 40 points one week and then come back to beat the highly touted Saints the next. But you've got to worry about Geno Smith: His eight completions were thrown a total of 7 yards downfield. Yet the Jets won, so more power to them. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (17)
15 Sd_medium 4-4 The Chargers once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, a familiar theme in San Diego that makes you wonder whether Norv Turner is somehow still in charge. (OCC) Rd-arrow-down_medium (11)
16 Ten_medium 4-4 It wasn't pretty, but the Titans were able to squeeze out a win against Rams as Chris Johnson had easily his best day of the season with 23 carries for 150 yards and 2 touchdowns, which made up for Jake Locker's worst game of the season. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (19)
17 Mia_medium 4-4 The Dolphins finally ended their four-game skid, but find themselves embroiled in an unsavory story as Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin left the team amid charges of hazing/bullying that is getting uglier by the minute. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (16)
18 Ari_medium 4-4 The Cardinals defense will likely keep the team in contention for a playoff spot, and if their up-and-down offense can find some consistency, Arizona could make a late push for the playoffs. (OCC) Rd-arrow-down_medium (15)
19 Cle_medium 4-5 The last time the Browns beat the Ravens was six years ago, and while the Flacco-led Ravens are becoming the laughingstock of the league, the Browns' win over the Ravens bodes well: The division rival Bengals lost and are now only 1.5 games ahead of the Browns. The Browns are off on a bye this week, but when they come back in Week 11, they'll play the Bengals for what could potentially be the division lead. Imagine that. They don't even know who their QB is for the next game, yet they're challenging for the division lead. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (21)
Phi_medium 4-5 The best QB for Chip Kelly's offense? Terrelle Pryor. (Rabble) Gn-arrow-up_medium (24)
21 Bal_medium 3-5 The Ravens had two weeks to prepare for the Browns and still stunk up the joint. They are now two wins behind the last remaining AFC wildcard spot; in this form, the post-season ship has sailed for the Ravens. (OCC) Rd-arrow-down_medium (18)
22 Was_medium 3-5 There are rumblings about a serious rift between the Griffin camp (yes, it's a camp) and the two Shanahan's in Washington. The overtime win may grant the Redskins a short reprieve, but this could get ugly soon. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (26)
23 Oak_medium 3-5 Terrelle Pryor is one of the most exciting QBs to watch in the league, as long as he doesn't try to throw the ball. (OCC) Rd-arrow-down_medium (20)
Buf_medium 3-6 The Chiefs scored just nine points on offense with three field goals, yet won 23-13 against the Bills. The Bills have only themselves to blame for the loss. (OCC) Rd-arrow-down_medium (23)
25 Stl_medium 3-6 The Rams kept it close against the Titans, and that's quite an achievement with Kellen Clemens under center. But keeping it close isn't enough in the NFL. (OCC) Rd-arrow-down_medium (22)
26 Hou_medium 2-6 The Texans suffered a demoralizing loss Sunday night, but they may have found something in QB Case Keenum, who had a 110.6 passer rating against the Colts after posting a 123.4 rating against the Chiefs. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium

27 Pit_medium 2-6 The Steelers are historically bad: The 55 points allowed against the Patriots are a new franchise record for points against in a single game. Suggested theme song: Faith No More's "Don't look at me I'm ugly in the morning." (OCC) (27)
28 Atl_medium 2-6 This is what can happen when teams "go for it" by signing old guys and trading a boatload of picks to move up in the draft. As Cowboys fans, we know all about that mentality, and how it can bite you in the proverbial backside. (Rabble) Rd-arrow-down_medium (25)
29 Nyg_medium 2-6 After two successive wins to crawl to a 2-6 record, Giants fans were getting their hopes up once again, but nothing worked for the Giants in their bye week as every NFC rival won their game. (OCC)
30 Min_medium 1-7 The Vikings played their best game of the season, but it still got them nowhere. They successfully put pressure on Romo all day, but on the Cowboys' final drive, they inexplicably didn't. That's how you end up 1-7. (OCC) (30)
31 Tb_medium 0-8 As bad as things are in Jacksonville and Miami, they may be worse in Tampa Bay. The Bucs gutting loss to Seattle serves as an exclamation point on the South Florida bad-fecta. (Rabble) (31)
32 Jac_medium 0-8 They should call Wade Phillips: he'll explain how a bye week really should be counted as a win. (OCC) (32)

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