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Are Dez Bryant's Back Issues More Severe Than We Know? Cowboys Say No

Of late, the long-term health of Dez Bryant, specifically his issue with his back, has been a hot topic of concern for Cowboys fans.

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That is certainly not the type of news that Cowboys fans want to hear being discussed. Fortunately, those reports appear to be overblown. Speaking with 105.3 The Fan, team owner Jerry jones stated that he had no knowledge of any serious issues regarding the star receiver's back. According to Jones, the receiver looked fine during limited workouts Thursday and that concerns arising from his missing practice on Wednesday were overblown.

"He was moving well yesterday at practice. Look for him to do the same today. Would be surprised if he’s not. But he probably caught the ball as well as he’s ever caught it (Thursday). Had a good practice." - Jerry Jones

Earlier this week, Dez did undergo an MRI on his back, but the team is not overly concerned. When asked about any long-term effects, Jason Garrett bluntly stated that the team had no such worries.

"We’re just trying to address an issue. If you look in our locker room and locker rooms all over the league guys are nicked up this time of year and you’ve got to do your best as a medical staff to get them healthy, get them out on the practice field and get ready to play on Sunday." - Jason Garrett

Although Bryant has dealt with back issues throughout his career, including an incident last season where he was taken to the team bus in a wheelchair, the team has no concern that it is anything other than some recurring muscle tightness. As far as they are concerned, it is all just a cost of playing football.

"Dez hasn’t missed much football for us. He’s a really tough guy. He’s a great football player. He loves to play the game. So injuries are part of the game. You address them and try to get guys ready to play each week." - Jason Garrett

In fact, until he was questioned about it on The Fan, Jones states that he had not heard anything about a possible long-term injury.

"I haven’t heard anything like that or just close to it. I have no idea what you’re talking about there. I really don’t. Who’d you get that from?" - Jerry Jones on being asked about Bryant's herniated disk

As for the player himself, Dez has stated all along that it was not an issue and that he would be ready for the next game. After Friday's practice he spoke with the media and had nothing but positive words to say.

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