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NFL Power Rankings (Week 15): Broncos, Seahawks, Saints On Top

The top three teams in the league are the Broncos, Seahawks, and Saints - in that order.

Cameron Spencer

The Broncos re-claim their spot at the top of the rankings in our power rankings for Week 15. The Eagles and Cardinals make an entrance in our top ten this week, while the Colts and Lions tumble out of the top ten.

RANK TEAM W/L Power_rankings_logo_medium MOVE (LW)
Den_medium 11-2 The best news for Denver: The Super Bowl is at a neutral site, and not at the team with the best record. In Seattle, the Seahawks would be nearly unbeatable, but in cold New York, the Broncos look to be the favorite. If things go according to script, it could be one to remember. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (2)
2 Sea_medium 11-2 The Road to the Super Bowl in the NFC clearly runs through Seattle. Which is bad news for other contenders considering how dominant the Seahawks are at home. They become much more average when they don't sleep in their own beds, which raises questions as to whether they would face problems once they reached the big game. (Joey) Rd-arrow-down_medium (1)
No_medium 10-3 Don't think every game matters? One Saints stumble could prove to be the difference between hosting the Seahawks for the NFC Championship and traveling to the Pacific Northwest. (D-Mac) (3)
Ne_medium 10-3 Getting Gronk back was the critical factor in the Pats turning in the season they have; now losing Gronk has the potential to have the same impact on their post season. (D-Mac) Gn-arrow-up_medium (5)
Kc_medium 10-3 The "Play the Redskins" cure worked well for them. The rest of the schedule is not scary. If they win out (the Chargers game being the biggest hurdle), they could be dangerous in the playoffs. Giants style run, maybe? (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (6)
6 Sf_medium 9-4 The Niners proved they can beat the Seahawks - when the game is not in Seattle. Looks like SF settles for a wildcard spot. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (8)
7 Cin_medium 9-4 Cincinnati is pulling away from its division. Still going to have to go through New England or Denver (or both, perhaps), but a good looking team with a good future. (Tom) (7)
8 Car_medium 9-4 The hottest team in the NFL ran into the one thing that cools hot teams off: A better team. Given the remaining schedules and the tie breakers, Carolina looks like it will have to settle for a wild card spot unless they get a lot of unexpected help. (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (4)
Phi_medium 8-5 At some point we have to consider the idea that the Eagles may actually be a pretty good football team. Their ability to make a comeback in a small blizzard against Detroit riding the back of RB LeSean McCoy after Nick Foles carried them through the last few games on his apparent golden arm, makes the Eagles look extremely difficult to stop at this point in the season, and a difficult match up for Dallas in a probable win or go home week 17 game. (Joey) Gn-arrow-up_medium (12)
10 Ari_medium 8-4 The Cards are having a good year. Unfortunately, they share the division with Seattle and San Francisco. But they are still in the thick of the wild card hunt. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (13)
11 Ind_medium 8-5 The Colts look to be the only good team in their division right now. How else to explain clinching the division with only eight wins, and only the fifth best record in AFC? (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (10)
12 Bal_medium 7-6 The Ravens have gotten hot, with a three-game winning streak. They are tied with Miami for the last playoff spot, and currently hold the tiebreaker. But their last three games look a little tougher than the Dolphins'. It's going to be down to the wire for them. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (14)
13 Chi_medium 7-6 Losing Jay Cutler may have been the best thing for Chicago's chances to make the playoffs. Josh McCown is playing very well. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (15)
Det_medium 7-6 Don't look now, but the Lions are trying to be the best team in the weakest division in the NFC. And not doing too well. Still, they are hanging on to at least a piece of first place. (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (9)
15 Mia_medium 7-6 The Dolphins are becoming a decent team, and Ryan Tannehill is turning out to be a good NFL quarterback. They are in a three way race with the Ravens and the Jets for the last playoff spot in the AFC. The next game against the Patriots (now minus Rob Gronkowski) could be the deciding factor. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (16)
Dal_medium 7-6 We've lost track of the number of NFL records set against this Cowboys defense. (OCC) Rd-arrow-down_medium (11)
17 Sd_medium 6-7 A team that seems to have been mired in mediocrity for too long, with a quarterback that seems better than the performance of the team would indicate. Reminds me of a team I follow. (Tom) (17)
18 Gb_medium 6-6-1 Will he or won't he play? The decision on Aaron Rodgers' collarbone is the key to whether the Pack has a chance to make the playoffs or not. Even with him, it is not guarantee they get there, and with Seattle and New Orleans playing the way they are, a deep run is doubtful. It is complicated by the risk of re-injury, which would likely have a huge negative impact on the remainder of his career. This is going to be a classic case of whether the team goes for short term gain or long term benefits. (Tom) (18)
19 Nyj_medium 6-7 After scoring only six combined points in their last two Games, the Jets put up 37 against Oakland. Easily the most inconsistent team in the league. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (26)
Pit_medium 5-8 The southern-most team in the league comes into your house and beats you in the snow. Pretty much sums up how the season has gone south for the Steelers. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (21)
21 Stl_medium 5-8 They may not be having a good season. But, oh, the draft they will have courtesy of the Redskins. (Tom) Gn-arrow-up_medium (19)
22 Ten_medium 5-8 Their final game of the year sees Houston's former team going to play the hot mess that is Houston's current team in Houston. Will anybody show up to watch? (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (20)
23 Tb_medium 4-9 With three games left, there's a good chance Greg Schiano could save his job. This of course makes a significant amount of the fanbase unhappy with Sunday's win over the Bills. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (28)
Nyg_medium 5-8 I didn't come up with it, but you can't spell ELIMINATION without E-L-I. (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (22)
25 Jac_medium 4-9 The Jaguars are 4-1 over the last five weeks. If the season had started 5 weeks ago, the Jaguars would lead the AFC South by a comfortable margin over the 2-3 Colts in second place. (OCC) Gn-arrow-up_medium (29)
26 Cle_medium 4-9 Thanks to some of the worst officiating on a horrible day for officiating across the league, the Patriots scored two touchdowns in the final 1:01 to come back from a 12-point deficit against the Browns. (OCC) Rd-arrow-down_medium (25)
27 Buf_medium 4-9 Maybe it's just me, but if I was playing/coaching for Buffalo and someone started talking about a move to another city, I think I would be all for it. LA? London? Would it matter? (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (24)
28 Oak_medium 4-9 It is still a long climb out of the hole they are in for the once-proud black and silver. (Tom) Rd-arrow-down_medium (23)
29 Min_medium 3-9-1 You may find this hard to believe - in fact, you may want to look this up just to make sure it's right - but at 2-2-1, the Vikings hold the best record over the last five games of any team in the NFC North. Unfortunately, that's all the good news there is for the Vikings. (OCC) Rd-arrow-down_medium (27)
30 Atl_medium 3-10 The Falcons were in serious danger of losing the third overall draft pick on Sunday, but then Matt Ryan came through in the clutch and fumbled the ball away in the fourth quarter to notch another impressive game-losing drive. (OCC) (30)
31 Was_medium 3-10 Not even the Texans are interested in Shanahan, who has led the Redskins to a 3-10 record, their worst after 13 games since 1994. (OCC) (31)
32 Hou_medium 2-11 It's only fitting that the first team to fire its coach this season is ranked last in our power rankings. (OCC) (32)

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