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Dallas Cowboys 2014 Schedule Is Taking Shape

Each year the NFL makes a big production about 'releasing the schedule' in April. But the NFL's scheduling formula has already determined 14 of 16 opponents each team will face next year, just not when and in what sequence.

The Cowboys will travel to Seattle next year.
The Cowboys will travel to Seattle next year.
Jeff Gross

And with that info, we can take a quick look at what the 2014 schedule could look like for the Cowboys.

In 2014, the Dallas Cowboys will play three home games and three away games against the NFC East; they will play one game each against the NFC West and the AFC South; finally, they'll play a team each from the NFC North and NFC South that finishes in the same spot in their division as the Cowboys will in the NFC East.

The home and away matchups have also already been determined. Per the NFL Record & Fact Book these are:

So the only unknown teams for the Cowboys are the conference opponents from the NFC North and NFC South. If the Cowboys were to win the NFC East, those two teams as it currently stands would be the Saints and Lions; if the Cowboys were to finish second, those teams could be the Panthers and Bears.

Earlier this year, the NFL announced that the Cowboys would play an away game against the Jaguars in London during Week 10. Because the NFL mandates a bye week after a London game, the Cowboys will have their bye week in Week 11, on November 16.

Two weeks later, on Thursday, November 27, the Cowboys will host one of the NFC teams from above in their annual Thanksgiving game.

What are your thoughts on the 2014 schedule?

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