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Bold Predictions: Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers

What unlikely events do the BTB staff expect to take place in the Cowboys week 15 match up with the Aaron Rodgers-less Green Bay Packers?

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Well... We gave our bold predictions last week and that didn't turn out so well, but here at BTB we are not easily shaken, so we are back with our predictions once again. Let's take a look.

Joey Ickes: The Cowboys defense gives up less than 21 points to the Packers.

With all the talk about how horrible the Cowboys defense has been this year, and the records they are on pace to set for poor defensive play, they have actually had a few games this year where they have performed very well on Defense. In fact, of their 13 games they have allowed 21 or fewer points 5 times. In addition to this, the team gave up 23 points to the Vikings and 24 to the Raiders which included a fumble recovery for a TD by the Raiders on the opening kickoff. So as historically bad as this defense has looked at times, they have definitely had games where they played very well, particularly after they've had an especially bad performance the week prior. In 2 games this year (Denver, New Orleans), the Cowboys gave up a total of 100 points, however in the subsequent 2 weeks following each of those games, (Washington, Philadelphia, New York, & Oakland), the Cowboys have given up a total of 64 points (16 pts/game), forcing 8 turnovers, and sacking the opposing QB 8 times.

Dave Halprin: DeMarcus Ware has a 3-sack game, one of them causes a fumble/recovery for Dallas.

Admittedly, I have no rhyme or reason for making this prediction. I just think that Ware has heard enough about how his game has slipped so much this year, about how injury and age have sapped his abilities that he will come out like a man on fire. We'll get a vintage Ware performance as he feels healthier than he has in months and wants to prove his doubters wrong. Along with the sacks he'll cause havoc in the Packers' backfield all day and all the talk afterwards will be about how the old Ware is back.

KD Drummond: Cowboys have a +4 turnover ratio at the end of the game.

Dallas has had 1 or fewer turnovers in 10 of their 13 contests this year. That part of the equation is well within reach. It's turning the opposition over that has recently been a problem. Dallas has only forced 4 over their last four games, but Matt Flynn will fix that.

Expect forced fumble and three picks, while Dallas holds onto the rock in a Cowboys win.

Tom Ryle: Dallas goes ground and pound.

Without Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay doesn't get much going offensively. Dallas has a first drive like they did against Chicago, take a lead, and ride the running backs the rest of the way. Tony Romo is 13 of 18 for 120 yards and one touchdown, while DeMarco Murray gets 185 yards and 2 TDs, with Joseph Randle getting 70 yards and a TD. Dallas controls TOP 39:00 to 21:00, cruises to a 34-13 win, and Tyler Clutts gets penciled into the team's plans for next year as almost 200 of the team's rushing yards come with him leading the way.

After the game, Dez Bryant is asked about only being targeted three times. He responds "I don't care if I catch another pass this season as long as this team wins. Did you see the blocks I was getting out there?"

Dawn Macelli: Sterling Moore is going to make an impact on this game.

He may not be the most talented corner on the roster, but Moore is a guy who will battle his man on every snap. Moore had an interception taken away in Chicago; that combined with the fact that he was cut and not signed by another team has instilled in him a hunger that he is ready to feed. I would not be surprised to see Moore make a couple big plays and perhaps haul in an interception.

Rabblerousr: Matt Flynn throws for 400+ yards.

Thus far this season, the Cowboys defense has sought to take away one of the opposing offense's primary weapons. What this has lead to is season-high stats in other categories. To wit: against the Lions, they wanted to ensure that Reggie Bush didn;t go off; Calvin Johnson nearly set an NFL record in receiving yards. When they went to New York to face the Giants, the Cowboys defensive braintrust schemed to delimit Eli Manning and the passing game; the Giants rushed for more than 200 yards.

On Sunday, they'll try to delimit Eddie Lacy, James Starks and the Packers' running game. With a safety in the box, Matt Flynn will enjoy his afternoon, throwing to open receivers against single-high coverage. That said, the Cowboys make enough plays to win the game and extend their playoff hopes.

OCC: Terrance Williams gets more production in one game than he's gotten in the last five games combined.

Over the last five games, Terrance Williams has caught nine passes for 123 yards and one TD. Against the Packers, Williams gets at least 125 yards and two TDs. This in turn leads the Cowboys to start Williams over Austin for the last two games, thereby preparing for an Austin-free 2014.


There they are, our Bold Predictions for Sunday's game, what say you BTB? What unexpected,unlikely or un believable series of events will take place?

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